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Cloud Integration Center

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Iron Networks builds turnkey networking and converged infrastructure platforms for Microsoft-based, cloud-optimized modern data centers. The IronPOD converged Infrastructure series provides comprehensive, Fast-Track validated, building blocks for enterprises to build private cloud environments, and service providers to build public cloud offerings.

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Iron Cloud Technology Integration Center

IRON makes large-scale cloud infrastructure hardware simple to acquire, faster to deploy and easy to service while substantially reducing CAPEX, technology risks and project timelines. IRON is a leading System Integrator of industry-standard, purpose-built, application-specific, converged - networking, compute server and storage Racks systems platforms. We provide commodity-powered turnkey Rack-n-Stack hardware validation, integration, product lifecycle management and global supply chain services. Our team is best known for our innovative customer specific solution design, integration, supply chain management expertise, and unique deployment capabilities – all backed by global technical support and maintenance services.

Iron Networks simplifies the deployment of large scale, complex private and public cloud infrastructure projects. By utilizing validated reference designs built with pre-certified, modular converged cloud compute, networking, and storage platforms, risks and complexity for these projects are mitigated and minimized. To assure a plug-and-play customer experience, complex converged cloud systems are integrated and tested as a complete systems with all OS and software loaded prior to delivery. In addition, Iron provides comprehensive global logistics and supply chain support to insure that projects are delivered on time and within budget. This wide array of services includes:

Solution Architecture and Validation Testing

Software Configuration

Hardware Integration

Supply Chain Management

Solution Deployment, Support and Repair Services

Iron Cloud Technology Integration Center provide customers with peace of mind that their large scale and highly complex deployments will be pre-tested and pre-validated and delivered in a turnkey fashion. Whether it is multiple cloud hubs, corporate datacenter locations, individual branches, or retail outlet infrastructures, Iron is there to support your complex infrastructure and supply chain needs.


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