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Iron Networks Solutions

The network security threat environment today is complex and dynamic. The traditional response from the security industry to new threats is to create a new point security solution. This has led to perimeter defense systems that are complex to configure, difficult to deploy, hard to manage, and much too expensive. Deploying multiple point solutions to address new security threats has created an untenable situation for enterprises of all sizes.

The Iron Networks approach simplifies the deployment of state-of-the-art security technology. Utilizing an appliance-based deployment model, Iron Networks delivers the advanced technology that today’s threats demand, in a turn-key appliance platform. Iron Networks solutions are simple to deploy, and easy to manage. In addition, they provide the best price-performance in the industry, and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Iron Networks provides a suite of appliance solutions for these security and networking applications:

  • Perimeter Gateway Security: Iron Networks Net-Gateway mISA and mISAE, comprehensive, integrated perimeter security solutions
  • SSL VPN Access: Iron Networks Net-Gateway mIAG, a complete SSL and IPSEC VPN concentrator appliance solution
  • Intrusion Prevention: Iron Networks IntruPro nIPS, a total intrusion prevention solution

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