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IronPOD Family, Pre-Configured Cloud IaaS Hardware Platforms

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Microsoft Hyper-V Network Virtualization, Hyper-V Server Virtualization, Windows Storage Server Virtualization and System Center 2012 SP1 technologies are optimized for application delivery in virtualized, cloud and dedicated environment

IronPOD Turnkey Solution
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HDPOD Big Data Family: Commodity Hadoop Cluster Platforms for Enterprises

HDPOD Big Data Appliance Brochure

IRON Big Data Appliance Platform for Hadoop

IRON Networks Big Data Appliance HDPOD is a comprehensive Hadoop Big Data platform, engineered for reliable data processing with a low overall total cost of ownership. The HDPOD combines network, server and storage hardware, and the comprehensive Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) software suite into an optimized turnkey configuration. This creates a complete single SKU solution with integrated hardware, software and support services that is simple to acquire and deploy.

The HDPOD Appliance for Hadoop with Hortonworks Data Platform is built using industry-standard commodity hardware and offers low cost, fast performance with the latest generation of Intel technology combined with a fabric-based hardware configuration for enterprise-class data storage and management. The HDPOD appliance platform helps enterprises derive value almost instantly with low project risk and cost by providing a single platform for multi-workload data processing across an array of processing methods, from batch through interactive to real-time - all supported with solutions for governance, integration, security and operations.

Hortonworks, Hadoop Data Platform (HDP): Enabling your modern data architecture with enterprise Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is a core component of the modern data architecture, integrating with and complementing your existing systems to create a highly efficient, highly scalable way to manage all your enterprise data. HDP's modern data architecture provides the foundation for your own enterprise Data Lake, which is an integral part of your business strategy for unleashing analytic insights and innovations that help you compete and win in today’s marketplace. HDPOD platforms provides analysts the ability to leverage valuable customer insights (across all channels; web, mobile, social media, email, contact center, database, and storefront, and other type of customer interaction data) in their analysis while using familiar tools.

  • Information Infrastructure Optimization, for faster and flexible application delivery and better business results.
  • Information Management Standardization, eliminate islands of incompatible infrastructures.
  • Information Insight Acceleration, faster intelligent business decisions.

Better Together: Hortonworks Hadoop Data Platform (HDP), IRON HDPOD Hardware and IRONClad Support Services

Accelerate the journey to big data using simple, efficient, flexible and open architecture IRON Networks offers enterprise and service provider system designs that are reliable and energy-efficient, coupled with simplified serviceability and deployment services. Our solutions with power efficient design, high density configurations and leading-edge management software help organizations manage the modern data center and benefit from cloud and big data computing-faster and easier.

HDPOD is pre-configured and pre-integrated to achieve better results:

  • Hadoop Standardized Architecture: A 100 percent open source Apache Hadoop-based software stack designed to store, process and analyze data in any format at any scale.
  • Deep Integration: Purpose-built, low cost big data appliance that integrates hundreds of software packages including database, server, storage and big data technologies into a single, easy to manage, industry standard x86 system without vendor lock-ins.
  • Simplicity: Automated management and provisioning, shorter POC deployment cycles and faster time to value for analytic initiatives, allows your experts to focus on innovation.
  • Highly Scalable: Massively parallel analytic system allows customers to crunch through multi-terabyte data volumes.
  • Simplified Experience: Optimized Single SKU configurations to accelerate purchase, deployment and support


Additional Product Info:

Single SKU Big Data Infrastructure

  • Fully Integrated Solution: Turnkey, Single vendor hardware and software solution for easy deployment
  • Low Cost POC Deployment: Out-of-the-Box integration cuts down setup time, helps kicks start Big Data experience in less than a day
  • Commodity Hardware, Reduced TCO: Up to 50% saving over traditional tier-1 Big Data Infrastructure solutions
  • High Bandwidth Networking: Scalable to multiple racks for multi-petabytes of storage expansion
  • 24x7 Support Services: Expedited deployment, helpdesk support & on-site HW replacement services

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