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Nexenta software defined storage solution
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Accelerate your transformation to Software-define data center with most powerful, Custom-Configured NSA, NCA and NMX Storage System SKUs

Turnkey-Design, Nexentastor "Appliance-Optimized" Solution Platform

IRON Nexenta Storage Building Block (NSSB) series Unified storage appliances are purpose-built, high performance hardware devices integrated with Nexentastor 4 software solutions

Purpose-Built, Easy to implement NexentaStor ZFS Appliance for Optimum Performance and System Reliability

IRON NSSB series Unified Storage appliances running Nexentastor SDS software helps reduce storage costs associated with building modern datacenters and private clouds. It offers wide range of hardware configurations, each of the models are pre-configured with most optimized hardware components and system management tools to meet our customers unique business requirements. Configurations are fine tuned to deliver various levels of system performance, capacity, scalability and availability required of small to large size business, small to large size enterprise and branch offices.

NexentaStor powered

Key Features:

  • Unified Storage for block (FC, iSCSI) and file (NFS, CIFS, SMB) with built-in replication across SSD/HDD/Hybrid configurations
  • Scalable to hundreds of TBs of Storage and optimized I/O performance with 512GB memory cache per head
  • Active/Active cluster configuration and High Availability with no single point of failure
  • Highly scalable ZFS-based file system with its superior data protection and Copy-on-Write ensuring highest levels of reliability and data integrity

Pre-Configured SKUs, Pre-integrated NSS storage block for capacity ranging from 10TB to 2PB per block, help deploy storage faster

Storage appliances often have special purpose hardware specific to workload, our pre-configured NSSB storage building blocks are highly customizable. NSS storage building blocks are available as a pre-configured storage kit or, it can be custom-configured to suit your specific requirements.

IRON Pre-Configured Nexenta Storage System Block (NSS)kloudiron shop online

NSSB Storage systems

Single Call, IRONClad Support Services

The NSS Storage Infrastructure family of solutions demonstrates how open and flexible architectures powered by Nexenta ZFS technologies combined with IRON Services create practical, innovative solutions designed to reduce complexity and costs while improving productivity. IRON deployment and 24x7 Hardware services can help deliver elastic IT, whether you are building a platform for private cloud computing or for better availability and management of applications.


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