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DirectAccess Appliance Models Deploying Microsoft DirectAccess on an Appliance

Microsoft DirectAccess is a very elegant way to manage your corporate remote access and replace your traditional, cumbersome VPN solution. The best way to deploy DirectAccess is on a Microsoft Unified Access Gateway 2010 (UAG 2010) hardware appliance. This will give you the critical translation and encapsulation between IPv4 and IPv6 that is required to make the technology work, as well as an easier and more scalable deployment method.

Iron Networks builds purpose-built UAG appliances that can be deployed in the UAG DirectAccess role to make this technology a reality for your company. We have experience deploying DirectAccess for companies of all sizes from SME to large enterprise.

What is Microsoft DirectAccess?

Microsoft DirectAccess is a remote access technology that will automatically create a two way connection between a client machine running Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate, and the corporate network, as soon as they are connected to the internet. All the user needs to do is turn on their PC, connect to the internet, and they are up and running from wherever they are. This also allows IT administrators to manage remote PC’s through group policy as if they were on the corporate network.

Why do You Need Microsoft Unified Access Gateway 2010 to deploy DirectAccess?

DirectAccess utilizes IPv6 protocols to encrypt the traffic in an IPSEC tunnel. Unless a network is purely IPv6 and the WAN is IPv6, you will need UAG 2010 to provide the encapsulation and translation mechanism via NAT64 and DNS64 to make the solution work. UAG 2010 also allows for creation of arrays for DirectAccess which provides enterprises with high availability and scalability.

What is the Iron Networks Net Gateway nUAG Product line?

Iron Networks has built a UAG appliance that allows you to deploy UAG for DirectAccess or UAG for portals. This is a purpose-built and security hardened hardware appliance with a number of value added features built in for improved manageability and disaster recovery. Iron Networks offers deployment as well as 24x7 hardware and deployment support options. more Info

Have you Deployed Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate yet?

If you have deployed windows 7 Enterprise or ultimate for your organization you are more than half the way there to getting DirectAccess. You will be able to take advantage of this technology on your windows 7 end points without any client installation necessary.

Are you an E-CAL customer?

For Microsoft customers who own the Enterprise CAL already, you already have the CAL licensing for UAG. If you are an E-CAL customer on Windows 7 enterprise, you should definitely start using DirectAccess for remote access as it will greatly diminish your remote access costs.

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