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Ceph Storage Clusters
Unified Object, Block & File Storage

Significantly Improve the Economics & Management of Your Storage Based on Commodity Hardware for any Protocol or App.

IronPOD Turnkey Solution
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Ceph Storage Clusters

Unified Object, Block & File Storage

Iron offers turnkey storage clusters designed and optimized for Ceph, an open-source, massively scalable, software-defined storage system. Built with enterprise class hardware, object based scale-out storage delivers unified object, block and file storage with high performance, high scalability and high availability.

Ceph’s metadata management architecture addresses one of the most vexing problems in highly scalable storage—how to efficiently provide a single uniform directory hierarchy obeying POSIX semantics with performance that scales with the number of metadata servers. Ceph’s dynamic subtree partitioning is a uniquely scalable approach, offering both efficiency and the ability to adapt to varying workloads

Object-based Storage

Organizations prefer object-based storage when deploying large-scale storage systems because it stores data more efficiently. Object-based storage systems separate the object namespace from the underlying storage hardware—This simplifies data migration.

Ceph’s CRUSH algorithm liberates storage clusters from the scalability and performance limitations imposed by centralized data table mapping. It replicates and re-balances data within the cluster dynamically— eliminating this tedious task for administrators while delivering high performance and infinite scalability.

Ceph addresses three critical challenges of storage systems—scalability, performance, and reliability—by occupying a unique point in the design space.

CEPH Solution

  • Ceph Optimized Server Configurations
  • Object and Block Level Storage with S3 and OpenStack API Support
  • Hybrid Disk configurations deliver low-latency performance
  • 10G Frontend Networking
  • Bonded 10G Backend Networking (20Gb/s OSD-to-OSD)              
  • Out-of-Band Server Management Software (OOB)
  • Full Rack Integration with Onsite Installation Available.

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