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Ceph Storage Clusters
Unified Object, Block & File Storage

Significantly Improve the Economics & Management of Your Storage Based on Commodity Hardware for any Protocol or App.

IronPOD Turnkey Solution
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Iron POD for CEPH Integrated Rack-n-Stack Storage Systems

Ceph IronPOD Rack-n-Stack

Cost-effective Ceph Storage Validated Plug-n-Play POC Platforms: IronPOD POC Storage Rack Systems are built using standardized commodity hardware building blocks and Ceph powered Storage technologies. Everything you need is provided in one single SKU package, including Ceph Software. It is delivered ready-to-run pre-validated, pre-tested, pre-cabled, pre-racked to help you accelerate your custom or specific business application configurations deployment in as little as 30 days from your order.

IRON End-End Services help accelerate your Storage Infrastructure and Cloud IaaS deployment: Installation and Support Services are included. Our highly experienced and expertly trained sales professionals and partners deliver a storage infrastructure precisely the way you need it. IRON also offers a variety of services and tools to help our customers get started with confidence and their own pace. Onsite installation and implementation is included with every IronPOD deployment, complete with an orientation training session and configuration support. Iron support provides the foundation for secure and reliable high-availability infrastructures with enhanced hardware support and software technical support for problem resolution.

The IronPOD Infrastructure family of solutions demonstrates how open and flexible architectures powered by core Storage technologies combined with IRON Services create practical, innovative solutions designed to reduce complexity and costs while improving productivity. IRON Services can help deliver elastic IT, whether you are building a platform for Enterprise wide Storage or DevOps or private cloud computing or for better availability and management of applications.


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