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IRON CloudBoxx Solution

CloudBoxxTM Microsoft Converged Branch Office Solution

IRON CloudBoxx Solution Collapses all the Services
required by branch offices into a small footprint

Server & Storage Virtualization, Security, Cloud Access, VDI,
Network Routing, WAN Optimization, Voice, Identity

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CloudBoxx™ Microsoft Branch Office Solution

IRON CloudBoxx "IT Cluster-in-Box" Appliance delivers a complete IT Infrastructure to Small Office and Branch Office CloudBoxx allows small organizations to focus on their core business, not on managing Cloud Information Technology. It helps businesses become more productive, deliver easy access to applications from anywhere on any device, protect critical data, and provide an easy path to cloud integration.

Microsoft Windows Cloud Technology powered Platform

IRON family of next-generation intelligent appliances, powered by Windows Hyper-V clustering, Hyper-V network virtualization, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 technologies deliver on the promise to simplify, unify and improve business efficiencies. Its offers unique industry-leading, enterprise grade cluster-in-box hardware design which includes redundant hot-swap hardware configurations for motherboards, disks, fans and disks. It is a highly scalable, single device that can run 10s of VMs and provide storage scalability in the excess of 100TB; multiple devices can be combined to offer an enterprise grade scale-out infrastructure solution.

  • It offers an affordable all-inclusive highly scalable infrastructure solution that can be used as a primary storage, server virtualization, VDI,  and both a local and remote network access security  device .
  • It helps  control access to applications easily; users can access their application and information from almost anywhere using virtually any device.
  • It runs business critical applications and databases; easily protect, centralize, organize, and reduces the risk of data being stored or potentially lost on unprotected devices.

Delivering Cloud Integration & Virtualization benefits to the branch

Bringing the benefits of virtualization to your remote branches, the IRON Branch Cloud collapses multiple single-purpose servers into one server-reducing power, footprint, and capital costs, and eliminating costly server sprawl.

Reduce Costs

  • Replace many single-purpose servers with one branch server
  • Reduce costs with lower power consumption and space needs
  • Run your applications in separate VMs using IRON hardened Virtual Appliances
  • Deploy one application per VM, such as Direct Access, Virtual or Remote Desktop, WAN Optimization, and your own applications

Improve Application Performance

  • Accelerate cloud applications via WAN Optimization
  • Increase bandwidth without costly upgrades (virtual bandwidth)
  • Support virtualized apps
  • Support virtual desktop environments

IRON CloudBoxx benefits Branch Offices deployments

IRON CloudBoxx is custom designed for easy deployment, helps runs business applications on-premises and can be managed by individuals centrally with limited in-house IT services. It provides seamless integration to a growing number of cloud-based applications and services such as Windows Azure Backups, for an additional layer of data protection and Office 365 for email and collaboration services. CloudBoxx IT-Cluster-in-box is an integrated platform solution to help simplify delivery of services to branch offices. It offers the distributed enterprise and easy-to-manage, security-enhanced, high performance infrastructure that delivers cost-effective IT services across the WAN and corporate data centers. It helps to:

  • Provide Cross Premises, site-to-site connectivity and Hyper-V NVGRE support between branches, enterprise operations and hosted cloud providers
  • Keep the business running smoothly by utilizing faster data replication
  • BranchCache for WAN optimization
  • Manage branch devices more easily with centralized management tools

Converged Branch Office IT Infrastructure: IRON CloudBoxx Solution Collapses all the Services required by branch offices into a small footprint

Branch locations require the same reliable high-performance access to services as is delivered to the company headquarters. Providing this level of service to remote locations everywhere in the world allows employees to work efficiently so the business runs effectively.

Often branch locations have dedicated servers, poor and hard to manage security and are at the mercy of WAN performance. The CloudBoxx Branch Appliance

  • Consolidates services into a single high-availability hardware device
  • Simplifies IT management by providing remote lights-out management
  • Provides all services in a virtualized environment with a single pane of glass
  • Unifies the broad set of technologies onto the Microsoft Cloud platform

A Large Set of Technologies in a Single Hardware Appliance

Server Virtualization

  • Enterprise-class scale and performance help transform IT into an elastic, always-on cloud solution
  • Virtual Machine Mobility, shared nothing live VM migration within clustered nodes or across clusters
  • Continuous availability via Transparent Failover amongst clustered nodes

Data Storage Virtualization

  • Windows Storage Spaces provides a comprehensive enterprise grade storage solution including Auto Tiering and high performance write-back cache in a software defined storage infrastructure


  • WAN Optimization from RiverBed, SilverCreek, and others.
  • Network Routing for BGP, OSPF, SIP and  more
  • Site to Site VPN

Network Security

  • Firewall: CheckPoint, Microsoft TMG
  • Remote Access:  Microsoft DirectAccess
  • IPS: Sourcefire, Domain-0
  • Virus Protection:  Symantec


  • Active Directory – Read-Only Active Directory
  • ADFS – Microsoft Federated Service

Base Infrastructure Services

  • DHCP, DNS, Print Services
  • Backups to Amazon or Azure
  • File Cache from Microsoft BranchCache
  • WAFS services from Microsoft DFS
  • Various other Windows Services

Cloud Access Gateways

  • Azure Gateway
  • Amazon Cloud Gateway

Customer Application Examples

  • Any Application  inside Hyper-V VMs
  • ERP, CRM, various business applications
  • Facilities Management and Security Systems
  • Point of Sales Systems
  • Or any business package provided by your IT

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