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IRON CloudBoxx Solution

CloudBoxxTM Microsoft Converged Branch Office Solution

IRON CloudBoxx Solution Collapses all the Services
required by branch offices into a small footprint

Server & Storage Virtualization, Security, Cloud Access, VDI,
Network Routing, WAN Optimization, Voice, Identity

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CloudBoxx™ Microsoft Converged Infrastructure Solution for Small Business and Branch Office

Key Microsoft Windows Server Software Components

Hyper-V Server Virtualization:

Enterprise-class scale and performance help transform IT into an elastic, always-on cloud solution:

  • Virtual Machine Mobility, shared nothing live VM migration within clustered nodes or across clusters
  • Continuous availability via Transparent Failover amongst clustered nodes

Storage Virtualization:

Storage spaces offers enterprise-grade efficiency, performance, resiliency, availability, QoS and versatility:

  • Software RAID, no hardware failures
  • Hybrid Storage, Auto-Tiering Flash and Disk Drives for high performance IOPS
  • Resilient Storage with Thin Provisioning
  • Supports Scale-Out CSV for scalability

Desktop Virtualization (VDI):

Cost-effective, centralized, flexible VDI deployment options for mobile devices in a single solution for enhanced end-user productivity:

  • Consistent experience; Pooled, Personal & Remote Desktops
  • Rich experience over LAN and WAN
  • Storage de-duplication for VHD/VHDX

Hyper-V Network Virtualization:

Manage private and public cloud computing, mobile workforce and multi-sites from a single server:

  • Software defined networking enables seamless connectivity to public, private and hybrid cloud implementations
  • Multi-tenancy, Hyper-V Virtualization
  • Cross Premise, Site-Site VPN

Unified Remote Access and Information Protection:

Provides seamless application file access and automated VPN connection:

  • Windows Direct-Access, Secure VPN
  • Remote Web Access to Computers, Applications & Shared Folders
  • Singe sign-on, Windows Phone App-Access files and folders, offline caching

Data Protection:

Dedicated storage disks for data backup, including OS and business data

  • Server Backup, Restore & archiving
  • Client Desktop/Bare-Metal Recovery
  • User self-recovery of deleted or overwritten files
  • Workload agnostic Hyper-V replica and Hyper-V recovery manager option

Server Management & Automation:

Manage multiple servers and devices connected to them, whether they are physical or virtual, on-premises or in the cloud via Server Manager:

  • Provides over 3,000 cmdlets in PowerShell to manage server roles and automate management workflow
  • Automate repeatable tasks

System Center Option:

Provides unified management across customer, service providers, and Windows Azure. It includes:

  • Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, DPM Manager, VMM Manager, App Controller, Orchestrator & Service Manager
  • MSSC Standard or Datacenter versions

Azure Cloud Integration Option:

Option to coose as what application runs on-premises vs run in the cloud:

  • Centralized User management
  • Windows Server Files and Folders Backup/Recovery
  • Workload Disaster Recovery (DR) in Cloud
  • Run Microsoft Azure, Intune, Exchange & Office 365 Collaboration & Messaging in cloud

Microsoft Windows BranchCache can help you optimize Internet usage, improve performance of networked applications, and reduce traffic on your wide-area network (WAN) when the Windows Server is located remotely from your office, or when client computers connected to a local server use cloud-based resources such as SharePoint Online libraries.

With BranchCache, when a client computer requests content from a remote Windows Server server, the content is cached in the local office. After that, other computers in the same office can obtain the content locally instead of downloading the content from the server again over the WAN. This can improve the performance of networked applications and reduces bandwidth consumption over the WAN. BranchCache can improve response times for server shared folders and Web content that is hosted on the server (such as SharePoint Online libraries).


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