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Unified Remote Access

Unified Remote Access Appliance Series

  • All-in-one, Complete remote access infrastructure
  • Seamless user experience through variety of devices
  • Lower support overhead by reduced support call volume
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URA: IRON Net-Gateway URA Appliance – Full Remote Access for the Modern Enterprise

URA Direct Access

Pre-Integrated, Feature Rich, Turnkey Remote Access Solution

Iron Networks’ URA appliance series is designed to be a powerful and versatile remote access solution for enterprise IT. Based on both Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft Unified Access Gateway 2010 (UAG), the series can be deployed as an all-in-one DirectAccess and UAG solution for those wishing to take full advantage of all of its rich capabilities, or can be deployed as a standalone DirectAccess or standalone UAG appliance for more specific remote access needs. The combination of Microsoft’s remote access technologies and Iron Networks’ purpose-built, security-hardened, and performance-tuned appliances makes for a very powerful and compelling remote access solution.

URA Removes Challenges and Complexity of Providing Remote Access Services

Remote access is a complex challenge for IT administrators. Providing network access to remote users involves a broad set of technologies including security, advanced networking challenges and support for a variety of end-user devices including home PCs, laptops, tablets, PDAs and smart phones. The URA appliances series helps remove most of these challenges by providing a broad set of remote access services all in a plug-and-play appliance experience.

Unified Remote Access

URA Capabilities - Provide Access to a Variety of End-points

  • Remote Managed Desktops: Microsoft DirectAccess provides an always-on, always-managed seamless remote access experience for remote managed corporate users utilizing the full power of Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate, or Windows 8 Enterprise end-points. DirectAccess can allow network access for corporate computers that reside in remote locations such as a user’s home or small remote office. These remote systems are centrally managed using the standard management technologies used by IT departments to manage local computers including: Active Directory GPO policies, patch management via Systems Center Operations Manager or other systems, internal DNS, and CIFS network shares.
  • Remote Unmanaged Desktops and Mobile Devices: URA-UAG and URA-Combo utilize Microsoft’s Unified Access Gateway 2010 (UAG) to provide remote access capabilities to unmanaged remote computers and devices such as home PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other consumer devices that are also accessed by non-employees. UAG provides reverse-proxy publishing to corporate services such as Outlook, Lync, SharePoint and most client/server based services through a single web portal.
  • Remote Sites: URA provides a complete Site-to-Site VPN solutions. This solutions allows you to connect office sites with a secure and powerful IPSEC tunnel to your corporate resources or private cloud environment. Site-to-Site VPN is commonly deployed as WAN backbone links. When combined with routing protocols, VPN circuits can be deployed in mesh networks

Support Multiple Customers with a Single Appliance

In the URA appliance series, each virtual machine running DirectAccess, UAG, Site-to-Site or other remote access technology is independent and isolated from other customer tenants. Therefore, remote access technologies can be dedicated and isolated to specific customers allowing for multi-tenancy. One customer may only require DirectAccess while others may need a broader range of technologies. URA allows these various combinations of remote access technologies to co-exist on a single appliance.

IRON URA Series Turnkey Appliance deliver economical, high-performance, unified remote accessibility for the multi-location enterprise.

URA Standard

URA Appliance Series – All in One UAG + DirectAccess

The URA appliance series includes both Windows Server 2012 DirectAccess and Microsoft Unified Access Gateway 2010 in a single, high performance, and easy to manage appliance. Powered by hardened version of Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Unified Access Gateway 2010, and Five Nine Security Suite.

URA DirectAccess

URA - DA Appliance Series - Dedicated DirectAccess:

The URA-DA appliance series delivers the latest Microsoft DirectAccess technology on a purpose built, performance tuned, and security hardened appliance. It takes the always on, always managed powerful DirectAccess solution that provides seamless connectivity to managed corporate users and makes it much more easy to deploy, manage, and scale. Powered by hardened version of Microsoft Embedded Windows Server 2012


URA -UAG Appliance Series - Dedicated UAG Appliance

The URA-UAG series appliance is built for Enterprises looking to deploy a dedicated instance of Unified Access Gateway to provide a strong and highly secure delivery of applications to a variety of managed and un-managed endpoints through a web portal.

URA Azure

Coming Soon...

The Azure Cloud Connector will allow enterprises to seamlessly extend their network to utilize Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Services via URA’s site-to-site VPN technology.


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