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VMWare Virtual SAN Powered VSAN-Series Storage Appliance Platforms

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EVO Systems Series Overview: VMware EVO: RAIL Hyper-Converged Building Blocks

VMware EVO:RAIL Series Datasheet

Pre-Configured EVO hyper-converged system appliance, powered by VMware EVO:RAIL software provides optimization with high-performance, efficiency, resiliency and configuration versatility on Industry-standard commodity hardware

VMware EVO:RAIL combines VMware compute, networking and storage resources into a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance to create a simple, easy to deploy, all-in-one appliance solution.

The EVO products, powered by VMware EVO:RAIL provide a software-defined data center solution based on hypervisor-converged distributed architectures. EVO products are modular building blocks which provide a simple and inexpensive network, compute and storage virtualization solution to implement a hyper-converged data center initiative, while providing a path to scale-out the virtual storage and compute infrastructure by adding additional blocks as needed.


VMware EVO:RAIL Software Platform Key Benefits

  • Total Software-defined Datacenter
  • Optimized, EVO:RAIL storage system or IronPOD EVO:RACK integrated Rack system validated Hardware Design for VDI, Private Cloud or Branch Office Cloud Infrastructure Deployments
  • Server-side read/write caching - Virtual SAN minimizes storage latency by accelerating read/write disk I/O traffic with built-in caching on enterprise-grade server-side flash technology
  • EVO node, Converges computing and storage into single system
  • Single pane of glass management with VMware vSphere, Virtual SAN and EVO Dashboard offers rapid provisioning of compute and storage resources
  • Zero-downtime orchestrated updates and upgrades of the entire cluster
  • Scale-Out and Scale-in capacity by adding or removing servers without reconfig

EVO Series System OEM Hardware Platform Key Benefits

  • Turnkey, Custom-designed and certified configurations which can be shipped in less than a week
  • Inexpensive Tier-1 and Tier-2 commodity hardware platforms from Dell, Quanta and Supermicro helps reduce TCO by up to 50 percent
  • EVO server appliance chassis contains either one, two or four physical nodes. Each of the converged nodes support compute & storage
  • High IO performance storage using tiered SSDs and HDDs providing SSD like performance
  • High Speed, Low Latency Network fabric design
  • Low upfront investment with a single unified node hardware SKU
  • Modular building block design, IronPOD EVO:RACK integrated rack-n-stack configuration for multi-rack storage scalability




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