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IronPOD Family, Pre-Configured Cloud IaaS Hardware Platforms

Most Economical, Standardized, Future-Proof Converged Datacenter
Solution in the Market

Microsoft Hyper-V Network Virtualization, Hyper-V Server Virtualization, Windows Storage Server Virtualization and System Center 2012 SP1 technologies are optimized for application delivery in virtualized, cloud and dedicated environment

IronPOD Turnkey Solution
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IronPOD Series DatasheetIronPOD System Building Blocks for Converged Infrastructure Technology

IRON converged systems enables agile and rapid application and service delivery while driving down costs. It offers best-in-class technologies to power, store, connect, and manage IT resources. Our building blocks are designed for convergence, leveraging common modular components and provide cloud platforms that are easy to integrate into a shared services environment to quickly deliver IT services required by the business. The following foundational technologies reflect industry standards, leadership, openness, and customer choice:

ironPOD System 400 Building Blocks

Networking: Microsoft Hyper-V Network Virtualization Gateway Appliance (HNV Series)

Microsoft Hyper-V Network Virtualization provides "Virtual Networks" to virtual machines similar to how server virtualization (hypervisor) provides "virtual machines" to the operating system. 

It offers multi-tenancy, scalable network architecture with L3 network virtualization for private and hybrid clouds. IRON HNV Series SDN gateway is a custom-built, turnkey appliance with dual node Cluster-in-Box (CiB/HA) configuration for maximum performance and reliability.

Management: Cloud Management Head Appliance (MSC Series)

Microsoft System Center 2012 Suite offers an integrated management cloud platform for easy and efficient management of datacenters and hybrid cloud IT environment. It serves as a single cloud platform for comprehensive management of applications, services, physical resources, hypervisors, software defined networks, configuration, and automation. IRON MSC Series management head is a custom-built turnkey appliance with dual node Cluster-in-Box (CiB/HA) configuration for maximum performance & reliability.

Compute: Hyper-V Server Virtualization (ESV Series)

IRON ESV Series modular servers are designed for mission-critical workloads and offer builtin resiliency, scalability, and performance to handle vital workloads such as private cloud, OLTP and BI. They offer,

  • High density design, 4U chassis offers 8 modular blade nodes.
  • Memory support for 128GB, 192GB, 256GB, 384GB and 512GB per node.
  • Low powered chips option, reduce cost by 50% and cut power by 90%

Storage: Windows Server Storage System Head (WSS Series)

IRON offers specialized storage appliance solutions powered by Microsoft Storage Server 2012. A storage system array includes one WSS storage head and two ESA series shelves, for a total of 144 disk drive support. Each standard IronPOD rack includes two storage systems for a total of 288 disks and up to 460TB of raw capacity

  • IRON WSS Series storage head is a custom-built, self-contained hardware appliance with dual node Cluster-in-Box (CiB/HA) configuration for maximum performance and reliability. Supports Storage Spaces and SMB Direct RoCE (and iWarp) w/ 40GbE multi-channel Ethernet, and offers the fastest storage solution in the market.
  • IRON ESA Series DAS Storage Expansion shelves support up to 60 SAS disks. Both the shelves can be mirrored to provide redundant enclosure high availability.
  • Comprehensive storage management tools to manage storage systems with SMI-S and new storage management protocols from Microsoft.

Network Fabric: Converged Data Center Networking

Mellanox network switch systems provide the highest-performing fabric solution by delivering up to 2.88Tb/s of non-blocking throughput to Enterprise data centers, with ultralow- latency. It offers converged networking architecture that helps reduce data center costs by using a common low latency infrastructure for compute, storage and top of rack switches.

  • 40/56GbE uplink for top-of-rack access networking, dual switches for HA.
  • 40/56GbE for tenant network and storage network switches, dual switch for HA.
  • 40/56GbE for storage networking, dual switches for HA.
  • 40/56GbE dual channel (failover) for network adapters.

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