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We help OEMs, ISVs and Service Providers create market leading solutions

  • Global Integration & Service Facilities
  • End-End Product Life Cycle Management Services
  • Complex System Integration & Advance Testing Support
  • Certified Hardware: Intel, Dell, Supermicro, HP and Quanta
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Turnkey Integration

Frame Level System Integration

Our engineering staff has extensive design experience with network equipment and systems. We can assist with initial frame design, create assembly and verification procedures, manage and prototype modifications, and ensure compliance with appropriate standards.

The faster next-generation network equipment can be built and deployed, the sooner operating companies can start growing revenues from new services. Iron provides OEMs world-class, comprehensive frame level design and integration services that offer. Once the rack is integrated and tested, Iron ships the fully integrated frame in custom packaging that complies with industry standards for arrival at any site, ready for operation.Rack Integration

Key Benefits:

  • Faster deployment: dramatically decrease order-to-installation times
  • Tailored solutions: helps meet special requirements
  • Consistent quality: comprehensive testing processes and strict ISO governance
  • Procurement and Staging: By procuring and staging all necessary equipment prior to the start of a frame build, PDSi reduces implementation time and minimizes logistics issues. A program manager facilitates this process to ensure third-party and consigned materials are available and to expedite any in-process changes.
  • System Configuration: In addition to assembling and integrating components into the frame, we ensure correct installation and configuration of BIOS, operating systems, middleware and application software on each of the component platforms.
  • QA and System Testing: Prior to shipping, Iron performs a series of software and physical tests to ensure the system is fully operational and meets the necessary standards.
  • Accelerated High Temperature Thermal Testing: We perform thermal testing on individual or multiple systems and fully integrated rack enclosures both for design validation and production screening. Thermal testing for multiple systems and integrated racks can be performed in a heat room from 70° to 105° F (21° to 40° C).

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