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We help OEMs, ISVs and Service Providers create market leading solutions

  • Global Integration & Service Facilities
  • End-End Product Life Cycle Management Services
  • Complex System Integration & Advance Testing Support
  • Certified Hardware: Intel, Dell, Supermicro, HP and Quanta
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Global Supply Chain Management: solutions,consulting,services

Flexible and Proven Supplier Relationship

From you to us and from us to our supplier, we make sure that we have a logistical chain that is unbreakable and that achieves an optimized level of communication. What this means is that whenever a forecast is generated or modified we make sure that both you and our supplier are informed. By doing this it allows our suppliers to stay ahead of the game and enables them to supply us the right amount of components at the right time thus allowing the efficiency we strive for.

Iron Networks has established long term relationships with all its suppliers and conducts a quarterly audit of each vendor to ensure that their delivery, product quality and product accuracy meet our standards. These two elements allow Iron Networks to manufacture and deliver high quality, economically fit product while adhering to the flexibility and efficiency the company promises.

Supplier Relationship: Iron Networks establishes integrated long-term relationships with core suppliers to make certain you receive the best possible price.

Supplier Performance Review: Iron Networks conducts a quarterly audit of the vendor to ensure they are meeting our standards for delivery, product quality and product accuracy.

AVL/ACL Management (Approved Vendor List/ Approved Component List): To ensure vendors and components meet the standards and criteria we set we manage and maintain a database of qualified, certified, approved vendors.

Cost Management: Iron conducts regular and consistent contract reviews to ensure competitive market tension forces are always in play. Iron also tailors specific commodity approaches and strategies based on market intelligence, customer dynamics and industry served. Iron's continued commitment to developing deeper more meaningful relationships with suppliers to drive the best cost, coupled with the most efficient supply chain is paramount in the overall strategy for Iron's Procurement team.


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