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We help OEMs, ISVs and Service Providers create market leading solutions

  • Global Integration & Service Facilities
  • End-End Product Life Cycle Management Services
  • Complex System Integration & Advance Testing Support
  • Certified Hardware: Intel, Dell, Supermicro, HP and Quanta
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Global Repair & Technical Support Services

Help Desk Support

Problems with finished units are rare. But when they occur you need to get answers quickly. Iron Systems provides both direct support for your customers and consultation with your technicians to resolve all types of problems efficiently, and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Iron’s Technical Support Services provide customers with access to an experienced staff of customer service professionals and technical support specialists. Iron’s trained and certified technicians are available during standard business hours or 24×7×365 (depending on your program) to provide installation, troubleshooting, repair and basic configuration support for Internet security, storage, network or telecommunications applications and systems. These services are available by phone, email or through Iron’s self-service web portal.

In addition to offering diagnostic and repair services on products covered by our Iron Support and Maintenance programs, Iron offers the ability for OEM’s, ISV’s and partner companies to leverage its existing support infrastructure and provide Level 1 through Level 4 technical support and diagnostic services. Iron can handle service requests and work to diagnose, repair and resolve technical problems that can arise during installation and configuration of the equipment and your application. Iron can customize support service plans as needed for customers. We also provide:

  • Troubleshooting questions: One of the advantages of the appliance model to customers is one number to call for hardware or software problems. On your end, though, the question of which it is still remains. If you are providing all level one support, Iron Systems can provide a knowledge base of troubleshooting questions to help your support team determine if the problem is software or hardware related.
  • Lifetime toll-free technical support: Although end user warranties expire after limited number of years, Iron Systems will continue to support the hardware for as long as the customer is using the product.
  • Operating System support: Should a problem arise with appliance installation, imaging, device drivers incompatibility with any operating systems, Iron Systems has the expertise to help the customer resolve any concerns or conflicts.

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