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We help OEMs, ISVs and Service Providers create market leading solutions

  • Global Integration & Service Facilities
  • End-End Product Life Cycle Management Services
  • Complex System Integration & Advance Testing Support
  • Certified Hardware: Intel, Dell, Supermicro, HP and Quanta
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Global Repair & Technical Support Services

Advance Parts or/and Server Replacements Service

Iron Networks can keep an inventory of all parts on-hand, allowing us to cross-ship them to the customer’s site when a return merchandise authorization (RMA) is received. If you prefer, we can also keep an inventory of finished appliances in-stock, allowing us to ship a full replacement at the same time the customer is returning the current unit. Replacement units ordered by 100 PM PST will be shipped the same day.

Depot Repair Services

Customers can fully outsource their hardware system repair and maintenance to Iron Networks. We offer, out-of warranty repairs, product refurbishment to convert it “like new” condition (system and packaging) and make it ready for re-ship, product upgrade services, repairing of damaged systems.

Iron Networks will track all repair orders throughout the entire process. All the depot repair units are segregated into individual pools based on their types such as RMA, returns for stock, refurbishment, upgrade etc and reported back to customer with pool status and failure-analysis report. Sales and technical support work as a team to resolve problems efficiently, and keep end users up-to-date with information.

Anytime Onsite Domestic and Global Hardware Service

In addition to the standard warranty, Iron Networks offers an onsite warranty that is good for repairs at the customer location. Options include one, two, or three years, plus four-hour or next-day service. One of the keys to outstanding customer service is a fully functional, easy-to-use return merchandise program. Iron Networks has the mechanisms in place to help you look world class in the eyes of your customers.

Plans and Coverage Ironsystems Standard Ironsystems Advance Ironsystems Silver Ironsystems Gold Ironsystems Platinum Ironsystems Enterprise
Help Desk Support            
Self Help via Online Knowledgebase            
Resolution via Email (Web-Form)            
Resolution via Email (Web-Form) + Phone            
Coverage Hours 8am-5pm 8am-5pm 8am-5pm 24 x 7 24 x 7 24 x 7
Coverage Days M-F M-F M-F 365 Days 365 Days 365 Days
Support Resolution Coverage            
L1 Hardware Deploy - Quick Start Guide Assistance            
L2 OS Installation & HW Troubleshooting            
L3 Advance Configuration - OS / Apss / Network etc            
L4 Data Center Config & Root Cause Analysis            
Performance Review Meeting            
Follow the Sun worldwide coverage            
Hardware Service: Depot Repairs            
Depot Repairs via RMA            
Hardware Service: Onsite Repairs            
On-Site Technician Visit            
On-Site Response Time     Next Day* Same 4 Hours* Onsite Staff
On-Site Coverage Hours     8am-5pm 8am-5pm 8am-5pm Onsite Staff
Hardware Service: Parts Replacement            
Advance Parts Replacement            
Terms: Coverage Period            
Ironsystems Standard Warranty - Included (Years) 2 - - - - -
Ironsystems Warranty Extension - Option (Years) 1 (Total 3) - - - - -
Ironsystems Premium Coverage - Option (Years) - 1, 2 or 3 1, 2 or 3 1, 2 or 3 1, 2 or 3 1, 2 or 3

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