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Forefront Security Services for MSPs

MSP Custom Branding Opportunity

Compliance concerns have made information security a key consideration for many customers as they assess potential partners. Service providers which can provide superior security value are in a position to increase market share and margins. Many service providers lack the strategic focus or resources to invest in building a reliable security platform and/or 24/7 security operation centers. Iron Networks provides the needed platform to outsourcers, hosters, software vendors, local VARs, and other service providers to enable them to offer managed security services to their customers without the lead time or investment required to build this capability internally.

Service Description

Iron Networks first seeks to understand your strategic goals. Typical considerations include: is it better to provide services under your brand or ours, are you looking for a platform or a completely outsourced solution, and what level of operational integration is required. Once we understand these goals, we can offer a solution that fits your marketing and delivery requirements. Our service features include:

  • Flexible business model based on your marketing and delivery requirements. We currently support a range of models including licensing of platform for internal use, co-monitoring (Iron Networks provides monitoring outside of business hours), and fully outsourced managed services.
  • Private labeling for service providers who want to provide managed security services under their brand.
  • Breadth of services from web-based compliance management solutions to security monitoring, vulnerability scanning, security program design.
  • Cost savings of 50% or more versus internal solutions based on our mature service operation and trained staff, optimized alerting, more efficient customer interactions, and automated compliance assessment and reporting technology.
  • Risk reduction by leveraging a mature service organization and security platform provided at a fixed cost versus constructing a complex operation in-house.

The Iron Networks Advantages

  • Flexible business model to fit your marketing and delivery requirements based on our experience of partnering with leading global outsourcers, hosters, and other service providers.
  • Get to market fast and without spending untold dollars by taking advantage of our proven capabilities and existing security platform.
  • Our enterprise security monitoring platform, integrates and correlates information from other devices in the environment, adding context to reduce logging 'noise' to a manageable number of security events worthy of further investigation.
  • Our monitoring platform can correlate and analyze logs from a wide variety of applications, databases, systems, and network components as well as traditional security devices, providing a true enterprise monitoring solution.

Service Benefits

  • Service differentiation to increase your win rate by addressing your customers' security and compliance needs through price competitive, best-in-class managed security services. (Many times, security is a very small consideration in a deal, but it can be an essential element and the difference between a win and a loss of opportunity. We can make that difference for you!)
  • Incremental revenue and margin by expanding your services portfolio to include additional security services such as vulnerability scanning, security program assessments and compliance measurement, and security consulting services.
  • Reduce monitoring costs and avoid the distraction of complex software implementations by leveraging Iron Networks's certified Security Operation Centers, security experts, and mature processes.
  • At Iron Networks, we make security manageable.

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