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Microsoft Direct Access

Direct Access Appliance Series

  • Based on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 DirectAccess
  • Easy to Deploy and scale for Robust Enterprise Deployment
  • Lower Support overhead through single supports point
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URA-DA: IRON Net-Gateway DirectAccess Appliance – Seamless Remote Access

DirectAccess Webinar

URA-DA DatasheetNext Generation of Remote Access

The URA-DA appliance series is based on Microsoft’s powerful DirecAccess technology for users on Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate, or Windows 8 Enterprise. DirectAccess is the next generation of remote access technology meant to replace legacy VPN systems. Unlike traditional VPNs that require users to manually connect to the corporate network, DirectAcces automatically establishes a bi-directional connection from client computers to the corporate network. This allows for a smooth and seamless end-user experience as well as a powerful method of managing corporate endpoints for IT administrators.

DirectAccess Deployment

Always On, Always Managed

DirectAccess provides users with an always-on, secure connectivity to corporate resources from any location as soon as they are connected to the internet and logged into their managed endpoint. There is no need to manually launch a connection manager, enter any credentials or wait for connectivity. From an end-user’s perspective, the network experience will be exactly the same as being in the office and within the corporate network.

IT administrators will also be able to share the same advantage as end-users. DirectAccess allows IT administrators to manage mobile endpoints just as if they were in the corporate network. This results in decreasing the overhead of remote access management, and increasing patch rates and the security of endpoints. Traditional VPNs allow IT professionals to manage mobile computers only when users connect to a VPN or physically enter the office. With DirectAccess, IT professionals can manage mobile computers by updating Group Policy settings and distributing software updates anytime the mobile computer is connected to the internet, even if the user is not logged on. This flexibility allows IT professionals to manage remote computers on a regular basis and ensures that mobile users stay up-to-date with security and system health policies. Overall, DirectAccess is a changing paradigm in remote access that greatly improves the experience of both end-users and IT administrators and enhances business productivity.

Direct Access Layout

Multi-Site Deployment with a Single Installation

Multi-site deployment has been a long-awaited feature that has been built-in to DirectAccess in Server 2012. Companies with geographically dispersed locations have been attempting different scenarios to achieve a redundant multi-site DirectAccess solution. This now in-built feature enables a single installation to provide the given service to multiple sites. Multiple entry points can be defined in a single installation and client machines can connect to the entry point within closest proximity. The traffic across a multi-site deployment can be distributed and balanced with an external global load balancer. With DirectAccess in Server 2012, multi-site deployment is now straight-forward and much easier to deploy.

Turnkey DirectAccess Appliance Solution

The Iron Networks URA – DA DirectAccess appliance is a purpose-built and turnkey way to deploy DirectAccess for the enterprise. Built on an embedded version of Windows Server 2012, with added appliance management and maintenance features, and full complimentary hardware and software support services, the URA-DA appliance series brings enterprises a complete packaged remote access solution. URA-DA appliances come in four load balanceable models, pre-scoped for set user counts and easily scalable for companies with a few hundred users up to very large enterprises with tens of thousands of employees. The security-hardened and scaled-down OS reduces the threats to a traditional windows server installation, and the support services offer a single point of accountability that many enterprises come to rely upon for their mission critical services. Having provided security and remote access appliances for many years to enterprises and government agencies, Iron Networks is the leading choice for DirectAccess appliances worldwide.

DA PopUp PilotDirectAccess PopUp Pilot Program

Often times proving out complex remote access technologies can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Customers now have an option of doing a guided proof-of-concept, with an easy turnkey package of hardware and services to jumpstart proving out DirectAccess for the enterprise. The DirectAccess PopUp Pilot by Iron Networks is specifically aimed at shortening the time and lowering the cost of the remote access POC cycle.


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