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Custom Data Center Infrastructures Integration Solutions

Build Commodity, Global Thinking

Data Center Integration, Supply Chain & Field Support Services That Help You Succeed Everywhere!

Our team at Iron has the strength & flexibility to overcome even your most difficult data center roll out challenges. Rapid growth demands the ability to scale out your hardware infrastructure efficiently and quickly. Other times - you may be missing a piece to the complex puzzle of hardware integration and field services. Iron Networks is that missing piece that’s ready to identify your unique challenges and implement the perfect action plan to take you where you want to go, both domestically as well as globally.
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Data Center Services

Turnkey Integration Center

Iron specializes in high-mix, mid to high volume custom production. Iron has the manufacturing capacity to handle your platform business whether you plan to ship tens, or thousands of units per month. Iron provides unique forecasting, software image control, engineering change order, custom configuration management, software builds, & image loads for our customers.

Turnkey Integration
Key Benefit: IRON offers Local & Global Cloud Integration Center Services!

Integration services and traditional Rack-N-Stack deployments require a different set of talents than your organization likely has an abundance of. Build your infrastructure with confidence and speed without sacrificing product quality or cutting corners. Fall back on Iron’s years of industry experience and our team to help you through each step

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Requirement

We have the people, processes, tools and experience to manage any supply chain requirement.

Supply Chain Management

Our inventory management system allows us to identify and keep track of customer assets throughout our network of global facilities. We have qualified buyers to procure materials on our customer’s behalf, and high-end warehouse centers for the safe storage and distribution of goods.

Key Benefit: IRON offers Global Procurement & Supply Chain Management Expertise!

Maintaining supply chains is often not what our customers had in mind when they set out to change the world with their products. Fortunately for them – Supply Chain Management is exactly how we planned to change the world. Don’t get caught up with an out of control supply chain which weakens you with inaccurate lead times and the ensuing issues. Instead, turn to Iron – where we provide a wide range of benefits including:

  • Individualized attention to each customer’s unique requirements.
  • Supplier Performance Reviews
  • Unrelenting focus on Cost Management

Global Logistics

Service Global Importer of Records (IOR)

At Iron Networks we understand that logistics management is much more than shipping products on time

Global Logistics Services

it's about managing a complex supply chain through the implementation of adequate planning, development of purchasing power and the establishment of a fulfillment process that hastens solution delivery timelines.

Key Benefit:IRON offers an Easy Logistics, Customs-Representation and IOR Services for Global Businesses!

Stop blaming the complexities of the global logistics for being the reason you aren’t offering your product to the customers that are demanding your product around the world. Unexpected import/export restrictions often result in catastrophic delays which will often scar an organization into staying local. As an Importer of Record (IOR) in 60+ countries – our team has the means and the local knowledge to accurately forecast and deliver your products to any location around the world.

Global Field Services

Iron’s Technical Support Services provide customers with access to an experienced staff of customer service professionals and technical support specialists. Iron’s trained & certified technicians are available during standard business hours or 24×7×365 (depending on your program) to provide installation, troubleshooting, repair and basic configuration support for data center systems. These services are available by phone, email or through Iron’s self-service web portal.

We are offering 24×7×365 Services worldwide Global Logistics Services
Key Benefit:IRON offers Global IT Field Maintenance-as-a-Service: Same Day, Anywhere Hardware Services & Technical Support Helpdesk

Getting your equipment there (wherever that may be) is only half the battle. Once your product is delivered overseas – who can you trust to deploy it correctly? When a failure inevitably occurs – how will you troubleshoot & repair the hardware? The investments required to overcome those challenges in-house can deter many organizations from entering new markets.

Iron’s Global Field Services team provides you with assurance and solutions to the many challenges which require a boots on the ground approach


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