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Net-Gateway mIAG

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Intelligent Application Gateway for Microsoft Infrastructure: Net-Gateway mIAG is a comprehensive, high-performance application access and security appliance based on Microsoft ISA Server 2006 and Whale Communications Intelligent Application Gateway 2007 platform. mIAG unifies a Web application firewall, SSL VPN, and endpoint security to enable secure application access, access control and content inspection for a wide variety of line-of-business applications. Together these technologies provide mobile and remote workers with easy and flexible secure application access from a broad range of devices and locations including PCs, mobile devices and kiosks.

Control Access:

Protect Assets:

Safeguard Information:

Net-VPN mIAG Series SSL/ VPN Security Appliance

Key benefits include:

IAG 2007 Components

Intelligent Application Optimizers - Integrated software modules with pre-configured settings designed for secure remote access to widely used business applications.

Client/Server Connector: Provides out-of-the-box secure access to business critical client/server applications including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes native client, Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Services, FTP, and Telnet while allowing straightforward configuration for almost any additional client/server application through a generic application definition tool.

The Network Connector: Enables administrators to install, run, and manage remote connections that give users full network-layer connectivity over a virtual and security-enabled transparent connection, and gives users the same functionality they would have if they were connected directly to the corporate network.


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