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Strong Authentication Appliance

  • Easy to Deploy integrated Rack-mountable platform
  • Leverage existing infrastructure
  • Flexible and reusable end-user licensing
  • Scalable, OTP - PKI authentication device support
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Deploying Gemalto Strong Two-Factor Authentication Server Appliance Solution


Two-factor authentication can provide a powerful additional layer of security for your networks by using two different methods to verify the user’s identity: What you know (user name and password) and what you have (a token, software application, or passcode). The Iron Networks Gemalto Strong Authentication Server (nGSA) is an integrated single server solution which supports a broad portfolio of end-user devices for the appropriate authentication of mobile users who want to access enterprise resources. These options range from one-time password (OTP) technology to support of a full public key infrastructure (PKI) based smart card and bio-metric deployment. When deployed with Microsoft's Forefront Identity (FIM) manager, it offers out of the box integration for easy to use single interface solution for device and user management, deployment, and migration.

Industry leading, Convenient, Cost Effective and Secure access to Enterprise Services

Designed to work out of the box with your existing infrastructure, the nGSA utilizes your existing user databases, groups, and permissions to provision one-time password (OTP) credentials for new mobile users who want access to their enterprise intranet and extranet resources. It offers a convenient package through:

Easy to Deploying and Maintain Strong Authentication Solution on a Turnkey Hardware Appliance

Enterprises can deploy the nGSA solution quickly without any software installation, hardware acquisition, security hardening, network tuning, or most of the other tasks required to deploy a sophisticated and complex security solution. Staff training and risk is reduced with the Iron Networks pre-integrated and supported solution. In addition, the nGSA can immediately scale to meet the needs of any size business without having to undertake additional deployment efforts.

Iron Networks nGSA Appliance Key Benefits:

Iron Networks nGSA Appliance Hardware Features:

Iron Networks nGSA Appliance Software Components: The Iron Networks GSA Appliance combines the extensive power of the Gemalto Strong Authentication products with Microsoft TMG embedded firewall for integrated security services on a hardened security appliance. The core components include:

Pre-Integration Solutions with Microsoft Forefront technologies: Iron Networks nGSA solution provides Gemalto Protiva Secure Authentication Server module integration with various Microsoft and 3rd party SSL VPN, messaging, reporting, and invoicing technologies

nGSA, Microsoft DirectAccess & FIM Appliance Deployment Architecture:

nGSA, Microsoft DirectAccess & FIM Appliance Deployment Architecture


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