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Ceph Storage Clusters
Unified Object, Block & File Storage

Significantly Improve the Economics & Management of Your Storage Based on Commodity Hardware for any Protocol or App.

IronPOD Turnkey Solution
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Ceph Hardware Platform

Powered by CEPH from Red Hat, IRON Webscale storage Appliance is a massively scalable, open-source, software- defined storage solution developed from the ground-up to provide object, block and file system storage in one self-managing, self-healing, hyperscale platform. Using a high-reliability, non-stop architecture, IRON Webscale storage Appliance powered by CEPH is the ideal storage for OpenStack users, service providers for cloud, IT and telecommunication as well as media-broadcasting companies. Financial and public institutions with ever-growing document repositories, large scale business analytics / big data applications as well as organizations with comprehensive multimedia datasets

Node Detail

Monitor Node (1U Server) OSD Node (2U Server) OSD Node (4U Server)
Dual Intel 6-Core 2.6G 15M 7.2GT/s
Dual Intel 6-Core 2.6G 15M 7.2GT/s
Dual Xeon 6-Core 2.6G 15M 7.2GT/s
64GB memory per node
64GB memory per node
128GB memory per node
4X 300GB SAS2 HDDs
2x 400GB SSDs, 10x 4TB SATA3 HDDs
6x 400GB SSDs, 30x 3.5" 4TB SATA3 HDDs
Dual port 10G SFP+
OS drives mirrored 80GB SSD
OS drives mirrored 80GB SSD
Dual port 10G SFP+ via AOC-STGN-I2S
Quad port 10G SFP+
700W Red Power Supplies
920W Red power supplies
1280W Red power supplies


Scale-out architecture - Grow a cluster from one node to thousands

Automatic rebalancing - Leverage a peer-to-peer architecture to add capacity at any time with minimal operational effort. Render forklift upgrades and data migration projects a thing of the past.

Hot or phased software upgrades - Upgrade clusters in phases with no or minimal downtime.

  CMX - 7120-S3A CMX - 7120-S6A CMX- 7120-S9A
RAW Storage
360 TB  at  7200 rpms
720 TB  at  7200 rpms
1080 TB  at 7200 rpms
Usable Storage
120 TB  with 3x replication
240 TB  with 3x replication
360 TB  with 3x replication
SSD Cache
7.2 TB
14.4 TB
21.6 TB
Management Nodes
Storage Nodes
10G SFP+  across cluster
10G SFP+  across cluster
10G SFP+  across cluster
Management Node 
HA Optional
Around 12U -
Quater Around 28U -
Half Around 40U - Full
4340w [90+ Platinum]
8680w  [90+ Platinum]
12520w  [90+ Platinum]

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