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Nexenta software defined storage solution
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Accelerate your transformation to Software-define data center with most powerful, Custom-Configured NSA, NCA and NMX Storage System SKUs

HA Cluster, Protects Data Against Interruptions, Corruptions and Loss

The NexentaHA Cluster consists of NexentaStorâ„¢ appliances running a defined set of services and monitoring each other for failures. It enables two NexentaStor instances to be configured as an active / active pair. Neither system is designated specifically as primary or secondary. Both systems can be actively managing shared storage, although volumes are owned by only one system at any given time. When installed and configured, each instance of NexentaStor is able to perform all functions. At the same time, along with another NexentaStor instance, the licensed feature provides high availability for shared storage accessible from both appliances.

HA Cluster Key Benefits

  • Unified Storage solution for file and block—supports CIFS, NFS, FTP, WebDav, iSCSI, FC, and others
  • Mitigate service interruption and potential data loss by providing system redundancy and resiliency
  • Protect against service interruptions
  • Thin provisioning, hybrid storage pooling (leverages SSD drives to improve performance), storage management, deduplication, compression, and replication
  • Leverage commodity Intel-based servers. Further reduce costs by consolidating storage resources and distributing traffic between storage nodes
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