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BacknAppliance Net-Gateway Products Upgraded for TMG & UAG Optimization

By Billy Bath, Director of Business Development
nAppliance (September 28, 2009): Microsoft is scheduled to release the new versions of Forefront Network Edge Security Software at the end of this year. ISA 2006(Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006), the software our mISA and mISAE platforms are based upon, will be replaced by TMG (Threat Management Gateway), and IAG 2007 (Intelligent Application Gateway 2007), the software our mIAG platform is based on, will be replaced by UAG (Unified Access Gateway). Both of these products will include powerful new features and functionality taking the Microsoft Forefront Network Edge platforms to a whole new level.

The current Hardware platforms run on a 32 bit Windows Server 2003 platform, while TMG and UAG will run on a 64 bit Windows Server 2008, R2 platform and the hardware specifications recommended to run both of the new products are much more robust than the current products in terms of memory usage, hard drive space, and processing power. For memory, the minimum recommended configuration is 4GB (Entry Level), while the higher end configurations will require more. The new products will have more demand for hard drive space due to the new features and extensive logging and reporting capabilities. In addition, they will all require at the minimum, powerful Dual Core processors, and will be able to utilize multiple cores much better than their predecessors.

With these new requirements in mind, nAppliance has upgraded the hardware on their Net-Gateway platforms to make them more TMG and UAG Optimized. nAppliance has upgraded the Memory on all but the lowest end product to 4GB and above, with the Higher end products ranging from 6GB to 12GB of RAM. While the current products will only recognize 4GB maximum, when they are upgraded, they will be able to fully utilize the much more robust memory capacity and provide the high-end performance necessary for TMG and UAG enterprise customers. The hard drives on the mid-range platforms have been upgraded to 250GB and 500GB SATA, 7200RPM drives, while the high end platforms now have 300GB, 15K RPM SAS drives. This will allow our customers to fully utilize the added features and logging and reporting capabilities that come with the new products. And finally, the nAppliance products have all along used the best, most robust processors available, including dual core, quad core, and dual quad core configurations that are fully optimized for TMG and UAG deployments.

Customers purchasing our Net-Gateway mISA, mISAE, and mIAG appliances now will be able to have the peace of mind that when they want to do the upgrade to TMG and/or UAG after those products are released, they will have products that are optimally configured to run TMG and UAG and are truly TMG and UAG ready. They will be able to get the upgrade images with software assurance and upgrade their existing ISA and IAG appliances to TMG and UAG appliances without seeing a drop in performance. Ask your nAppliance representative or local reseller about these TMG and UAG Optimized platforms today.

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