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Iron Networks builds turnkey networking and converged infrastructure platforms for Microsoft-based, cloud-optimized modern data centers. The IronPOD converged Infrastructure series provides comprehensive, Fast-Track validated, building blocks for enterprises to build private cloud environments, and service providers to build public cloud offerings.

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Iron Networks Announces Launch of Unified Remote Access Series of Appliances

BackSeptember 10, 2013 – San Jose, CA

Iron Networks today announced the release of their Unified Remote Access (URA) family of appliances based on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft Unified Remote Access 2010. The URA family of appliances combines multiple remote access technologies from Microsoft on purpose built appliances to offer customers complete remote access solutions for the modern enterprise.

Customers will be able to choose between three appliance series in the URA product family; URA-DirectAccess appliances based on Windows Server 2012 DirectAccess, URA-UAG appliances for dedicated UAG deployments, and URA-Combo appliances, an all in one solution that includes both Server 2012 DirectAccess and UAG 2010 on a single appliance. These options will give customers a wide variety of configurable choices to meet their remote access needs in a comprehensive way.

“Microsoft has developed a wide variety of remote access technologies and we have been building appliances based on some of them for years.” Said Robert Keith, CTO of Iron Networks “the URA appliance family brings them all together in a single turnkey solution.”

With the URA appliance series by Iron Networks customers will be able to take advantage of many remote access features to connect both their managed and unmanaged users, as well as their corporate sites to their corporate resources.

  • DirectAccess: Always-on, always-managed seamless remote access experience for remote managed corporate users utilizing the full power of Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate, and Windows 8 Enterprise end-points.
  • UAG Portal: Unified web application gateway over secure SSL connection complete with endpoint security checks and access policy enforcement. Great for securely front ending web applications like SharePoint for non-managed endpoints.
  • Site-To-Site VPN: Connect office sites with a secure and powerful IPSEC tunnel to corporate resources or private cloud environment.

The URA appliance family is available today and is already being deployed to Enterprise customers globally. For more information please visit:

About Iron Networks:

Based in San Jose, CA, Iron Networks is a Microsoft OEM partner that delivers turnkey networking and infrastructure platforms for Microsoft-based cloud-optimized Data Centers. Having deployed Microsoft infrastructure appliance implementations around the globe through a network of partners since 2007, Iron Networks has a depth of experience building, deploying and supporting Windows Server based solutions. Utilizing the product and market experience with Microsoft-technologies and the core competencies as a leader in turnkey rack level hardware manufacturing, OEM appliance design, integration and supply chain management solutions, Iron Networks is positioned to rapidly deploy and support enterprise grade cloud and datacenter solutions.


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