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Iron Networks builds turnkey networking and converged infrastructure platforms for Microsoft-based, cloud-optimized modern data centers. The IronPOD converged Infrastructure series provides comprehensive, Fast-Track validated, building blocks for enterprises to build private cloud environments, and service providers to build public cloud offerings.

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Iron Networks Announces Launch of Virtual DirectAccess Appliance

BackMay 20, 2014 – Fremont, CA

Iron Networks today announced the upcoming release of a virtual DirectAccess Gateway (vDAG) appliance based on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2. The virtual appliance will be supported both on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare hypervisors and will complement the existing line of DirectAccess hardware appliances that Iron has been shipping since early last year.

“We found that although most customers like a turnkey hardware appliance solution, there are many use cases where a virtual machine makes more sense.” Says Robert Keith, CTO of Iron Networks, “however, customers still want it deployed in a turnkey and holistically supported manner.”

Customers will be able to purchase the appliance as a package that is built as a customized image to their own corporate standard along with 8x5 or 24x7 helpdesk support services. This way customers get the benefit of the turnkey appliance deployment, supported by Iron Networks expert support engineers in a 24x7 follow-the sun environment that fits in well with their existing virtualization standards.

Windows Server 2012 DirectAccess is the always on, always manageable remote access technology from Microsoft meant to do away with traditional VPN. While traditional VPN can be clunky and error prone requiring user initiation, DirectAccess is always on as long as the user is logged into their domain joined device and connected to the internet. This seamless remote access experience is available for domain joined Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate, or Windows 8 Enterprise clients.

Iron Networks recommends the hardware appliance for large scale deployments as the highest performing and most scalable deployment method. The vDAG appliance is targeted towards smaller or ancillary DA deployments for the enterprise where the same level of turnkey support is needed. The vDAG appliance will be commercially available starting in June of 2014.

More information on the existing DirectAccess appliance offering by Iron Networks can be found here:

About Iron Networks:

Based in Fremont, CA, Iron Networks is a Microsoft OEM partner that delivers turnkey networking and infrastructure platforms for Microsoft-based cloud-optimized Data Centers. Having deployed Microsoft infrastructure appliance implementations around the globe through a network of partners since 2007, Iron Networks has a depth of experience building, deploying and supporting Windows Server based solutions. Utilizing the product and market experience with Microsoft-technologies and the core competencies as a leader in turnkey rack level hardware manufacturing, OEM appliance design, integration and supply chain management solutions, Iron Networks is positioned to rapidly deploy and support enterprise grade security and remote access as well as cloud infrastructure solutions for enterprise private clouds.


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