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WSSB Storage Appliance

Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 powered

WSSB Storage Appliance for Hyper-V powered modern data centers

  • Fully featured, next generation NAS software platforms with enterprise class
    capabilities for large datasets scalability and continuous availability
  • Flash Optimized Hybrid Storage Arrays for performance and lowest TCO
  • No vendor lock in dependency, full featured hardware appliance platforms
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DAE Disk Array Enclosure Family: All-Flash, Hybrid and Archiving Storage Configurations

IRON DAE Disk Array Enclosure provides flexibility, reliability and storage efficiency

IRON Disk Array Enclosure (DAE) family of JBOD (with pre-populated drives) solution provides simple, easy ways to dramatically grow online disk capacity to meet exponential data growth rates. It enables massive data capacity applications, at a price/performance point per Gigabyte (GB) that meets your fast-moving business requirements. IRON offers a full range of low-cost, high-capacity, high-performance disk drives (HDDs) and ultra-high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) configuration options that lets you optimize any of the DAE for capacity, performance or versatility.

Flexible, Cross-Platform Compatibility Support

The DAE disk array enclosures work across all WMX and WSA storage system platforms. It supports most mainstream business requirements and added flexibility and versatility to mix 2.5" drives in a 3.5" enclosure.

  • Offers the ability to support mainstream, capacity-intensive and performance-intensive applications in a single storage solution. This flexibility makes it easy to tier your data by matching your data requirements and drive characteristics to maximize the efficiency of your storage solution.
  • Offers the ability to mix 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch enclosures behind any o fthe WMX or WSA storage systems.
  • Mix and Match 7.2K (Nearline), 10,000 and 15,000 RPM SAS Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) with Solid State Drives (SSD). This includes SAS HDDs that support SED (Self-Encrypting Drive) technology.

High-Performance, Hybrid Storagey array with Flash SSDs

Automatic-managing Virtual Storage Tier technologies, including Flash Pool, optimize data placement on flash for maximum performance—reducing by up to 75% the number of spindles needed for a given level of performance.

DAE JBOD Key Benefits

  • Flexible, options to meet your cost, density, performance and resiliency needs
  • Configurable, options to meet your unique workload requirements for HDDs and SSDs capacities and IOPS performances
  • Failover, operation with hot swapable single I/O controller or dual I/O for redundant failover
  • Pre-tested and Certified to work with majority of Tier-1 software solutions
  • Turnkey SKUs, 100+ factory tested DAE models pre-populated with disks available readily; configuration include all-flash, hybrid and archiving storage options
  • IronClad Support Option, DAE are backed by 24x7 help desk and 2, 3, 4 & 5 year on-site warranty coverage

Enterprise-class resiliency, Multi-Path Configuration Support

The DAE disk array enclosures are engineered to help maximize your uptime and security of your data.

  • Redundant Path with I/O Load Balancing: You can rest assured that your data will be available when you need it. Even if a single cable path fails from one port of the HBA, you will continue to have access to your data through the second port.
  • Hot-Swappable Drives: With hot-swappable drives, you can remove and replace drives even when your system is operating. No need to shut down, and no need to reboot: New drives are available right away.
  • Seamless Data expansion building block that can be zoned to up to multiple DAS Hosts, additional JBODs can be daisy chained to support deeper storage pools.
DAE Disk Array Enclosure Family IRON DAE-J120 IRON DAE-J140 IRON DAE-J420 IRON DAE-J460
    DAE-J120 DAE-J140 DAE-J420 DAE-J460
Storage Capacity Form Factor: Height / Disk Size 2U / 3.5” (or 2.5”) 2U / 3.5” (or 2.5”) 2U / 2.5” 4U / 3.5” (or 2.5”)
Drives per DAE (SATA/SAS) 12x 3.5” (or 2.5”) 24x 3.5” (or 2.5”) 24x 2.5” 60x 3.5” (or 2.5”)
Storage Capacity (Max) 48TB (4TB NL) 96TB (4TB NL) 28.8TB (1.2TB 10K) 240TB (4TB NL)
Disk Configuration Options Archiving (AN): 3.5”, 7200 (NL) Disks Yes Yes No Yes
Hybrid (HN): SSD + 7200 (NL) Disks Yes Yes No Yes
Hybrid (HK): SSD + 10K or 15K Disks No No Yes Yes
All-Flash Storage (FS): SSD Only No No Yes No
I/O Controller Module Support # IO Controllers, 6Gb/s (for HA) Single Single Dual (N+1) Dual (N+1)
IO Controller Type Fixed Fixed Hot Pluggable Hot Plugable
Mini-SAS2 Ports per IO Controller (for Host) 2x Ports (Total:2) 2x Ports (Total:2) 3x Ports (Total: 6) 4x Ports (Total: 8)
Power Supplies Hot swappable, redundant PS & Fans Dual (N+1) Dual (N+1) Dual (N+1) Dual (N+1)

Partner with IRON

Partnering with IRON not only means accelerated time-to-market for innovative storage and cloud computing projects, but also the proven strength of our ISO:9002 quality, reliability and performance. Customers are backed by an industry-leading design team and a world-class Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) organization. The IRONs Flexible Storage Architecture provides block-based modular designs and the configuration flexibility that can become the foundation of your storage solutions and accelerate your time-to-market.


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