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WSSB Storage Appliance

Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 powered

WSSB Storage Appliance for Hyper-V powered modern data centers

  • Fully featured, next generation NAS software platforms with enterprise class
    capabilities for large datasets scalability and continuous availability
  • Flash Optimized Hybrid Storage Arrays for performance and lowest TCO
  • No vendor lock in dependency, full featured hardware appliance platforms
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WCA Dual Controller, Cluster-in-Box (CiB) Storage System Family: Unified Storage, All-Flash and Hybrid Storage Appliances

IRON WCA 3000 Series Unified Storage, Hybrid Array Systems

Powered by Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012, WCA-3000 Series storage appliance provide low cost, multi-protocol IP connectivity for concurrent NAS (SMB and NFS) and iSCSI SANs. It is a standalone network storage solution with dual storage controller head (SCH) cluster-in-a-box and built-in SSD/HDD disks, external SAS ports for DAE JBOD expansion. It gives you automated, application-ready storage that provides high-performance, high scalability requirements of small-mid size businesses.

IRON WCA 3000 Series IRON WCA-3100 Series IRON WSA-3200 Series
    WCA-3100 Series WCA-3400 Series
Storage Controller # Storage Controller Heads (SCHs) per System Dual, Cluster-in-a-Box Storage System (2 SCH Node HA Support)
Flash Acceleration Auto-Tiering (WB & Read) + SSD “Gold” VP 6x 400GB (200GB, 800GB Options) 12x 400GB (200GB, 800GB Options)
Storage Capacity Storage Throughput Support - Flash Pool (IOPS/MB/s) 100 (4K 70R/30W Random) / 400 250 (4K 70R/30W Random) / 1000
Storage VP Capacity (Internal)- Raw Data Storage Pools -TB (# Disks) 2.4TB SSD 2.5” (6x 400GB) + 40TB NL HDD 3.5” (10x 4TB), Total: 42TB (16) 4.8TB SSD 2.5” (12x 400GB) + 14.4TB NL HDD 2.5” (12x 1.2TB), Total: 19.2TB (24)
Storage VP Capacity (External)- # Disks (TB) Up to 120 / 60 (480 / 240TB) Disks Expansion Option, requires DAE series JBOD arrays
Ports-Front End Network ports (per SCH) – Ethernet (Standard) 4x 1GbE-RJ45 + 2x 10GbE SFP+ + 2x 40GbE QSF
Network ports (per SCH) – Ethernet (Optional) 4x 1GbE-RJ45 or 2x 40GbE-QSF
Network Storage Protocols Supported Unified Storage - SMB Direct 3.0 (w/RDMA), CIFS, iSCSI, NFS
Network ports (per SCH) (Optional) Fibre Channel & InfiniBand
Ports-Back End SAS 6Gbps  x4 (# Ports/SCH) – Ext. DAE Exp. 2 1
Hardware Configuration Form Factor 3U (16x 3.5” Drives) 2U (24x 2.5” Drives)
System memory/CPU/cores per SCH 48 GB / Dual / 12C 48 GB / Dual / 12C
License Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 (Embedded) Two Server host license, plus 2 VM license for storage and disk management tools

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