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UAG: Warning, POST without Content-Type not Allowed

While working on a support case recently, i came across this issue wherein we were trying to publish an application and there was a warning message generated in the web monitor logs about "POST without Content-Type not Allowed" while accessing it from a client machine.

The issue was that the request does not contain a Content-Type header, and the method used in the request was POST. According to the configuration of Forefront UAG, POST without a Content-Type header is not allowed by default.

To allow POST requests without a Content-Type header for this application, do the following;

  • Open the Forefront UAG Management console
  • Select the portal under which you published the application
  • Open the Application Properties dialog box for this application, and select the Web Settings tab.
  • Select the "Allow POST requests without a Content-Type" check box.
  • Activate the configuration

Cheers !!


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