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Single Sign-on for Office365 with Forefront TMG

Single Sign-on for Office365 with Forefront TMG

In my first contribution to the Forefront Security blog, I will explain how to extend the Office 365 single sign-on experience to remote users by publishing ADFS 2.0 with Forefront TMG.   

(Single sign-on allows users to use their corporate (Active Directory) user ID and password in order to access Office 365 services located in the cloud).

Application Publishing in TMG

One of many good features in Microsoft TMG is the ability to publish internal web based and non-web based applications on the internet for corporate users to access remotely. Users can access applications such as Outlook Web Access, SharePoint, CRM, RDP, and Citrix as they are published through the Microsoft TMG server. There are two types of publishing in the TMG:

SharePoint publishing through TMG vs. UAG: Capabilities and Benefits

Many of our customers wonder if it is better to use TMG or UAG for Sharepoint publishing, or whether either should be used at all. The answer, while not complex, involves some consideration of the relative capabilities and benefits of both pieces of software. In this post we will try to outline the key differences which will answer these questions. This post will give you a high level overview of the basic differences between the two.

nTMG: FTP Server Publishing in TMG


Open the Microsoft Threat Management Console and right click on the Firewall Policy and select "Non-web Server Protocol Publishing Rule". A new server publishing rule wizard will appear. Give a name for the publishing rule and click next.

Threat Management Gateway 2010 (TMG) SP1 Technical Preview !!

Microsoft released the Technical Preview of the Service Pack 1 for Threat Management Gateway.
Download link:
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