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Network Virtualization Platform

Hyper-V Network Virtualization Gateway Appliance

  • Easy to deploy managed hybrid clouds, private multisite, private-hosted, private-public
  • Easy creation of of multi-tenants to connect workloads in cloud
  • Highly scalable, easy manageability and ensure availability
  • Single vendor support, fully integrated Rack-mountable platform
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HNV Series Solution DatasheetIRON Net-Gateway HNV Appliance - Deployment Scenarios

HNV-Series: Microsoft Hyper-V Network Virtualization Gateways - A Complete Virtualization Platform

When it comes to building a private cloud, offering cloud services, or connecting more securely to clouds, the message is clear: Your organization wants a consistent, integrated approach that helps you solve fundamental business and IT challenges. You also want assurance that a growing set of devices can take advantage of new applications and services that can be deployed on-premises and in public cloud environments. Using Windows Server 2012 to cloud optimize your IT provides an optimal solution to meet these unique needs.

Microsoft Hyper-V Network Virtualization is an evolutionary step in network technology, providing ease of management and advanced capabilities. The Network Virtualization Gateway plays an integral role in deploying this technology as it is critical entry point between the physical network and virtual network including:

  1. Gateway bridging virtual networks and physical networks
  2. Multi-site Private Clouds
  3. Disaster Recovery site connectivity
  4. Hybrid Cloud
  5. Public Cloud provider network solution


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