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Key Features and Benefits - Net-Gateway mISAE

mISAE Enterprise Series: Firewall + VPN + Web Caching. Optional Support for Anti-Virus + Anti-Spam + URL Filtering, and many popular 3rd application add-on modules from Leading security vendors. All-in-One Business Grade Security Server Appliance Series...

Product Highlights

ISA 2006 Security Appliance: Highest security, performance-based on hardened Windows technology!!
Companies are increasingly using the Internet, Intranets and Extranets to extend communication with customers, partners and remote users and support their business transactions. Taking advantage of e-mail, integrating e-commerce applications, and providing flexible connectivity while protecting sensitive information have become business requirements.

Internet security solutions enabling the secure sharing of critical business information are now available to companies of all sizes; however, complexity, proprietary hardware and high initial setup and running costs too often lead companies to shy away from implementing these important solutions.

Product Features

Security and Performance:



Ultimate Protection (3rd Party Optional Add-On Modules):

Product Benefits


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