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UAG 2010: Error "An unknown error occurred while processing the certificate. Contact the site administrator"

A client that is trying to access an SSL enabled application on a backend server (e.g. Exchange) that is published through the Forefront UAG portal gets an error, specifically:

“An unknown error occurred while processing the certificate. Contact the site administrator”.

The cause:

UAG 2010 RTM: Integrating NAP Policies

Microsoft UAG 2010 can be integrated with Windows NAP (Network Access Protection) to make sure that the computers comply with the IT policies before user’s login into the UAG portal. Windows Network Access Protection is part of Windows 2008 and 2008 R2 servers. No extra hardware or licensing is required to implement Microsoft NAP in an environment. Moreover, there are simple settings in UAG for integrating NAP to do policy enforcement.

UAG 2010 RTM: Configuring UAG DirectAccess

Here's a colleaction of videos I created sometime back. It still applies to the UAG without SP1 (still in RC).

Part I

Part II

Part III

UAG 2010: Removing an Installed UAG Update from nUAG Appliance

When you install an update for Microsoft Forefront UAG, it does not appear under the Windows control panel > Add/Remove programs. So, If you have to remove it for some reason then how do you remove an update? Well, UAG has an in-built script to remove the previously installed updates. The script is located at

nTMG: FTP Server Publishing in TMG


Open the Microsoft Threat Management Console and right click on the Firewall Policy and select "Non-web Server Protocol Publishing Rule". A new server publishing rule wizard will appear. Give a name for the publishing rule and click next.

New UAG Book by Ben Ari (MS FTE)

After a long wait finally someone is putting together something on UAG. A Microsoft employee named Ben Ari is writing a book on Microsoft Forefront UAG. It’s pretty interesting to me because I have worked with Ben Ari on few technical issues both inside and outside Microsoft.

Microsoft Forefront UAG Update 2 available for download

Microsoft announced the release of Update 2. It seems that Microsoft has finally admitted that there were few limitations in the product regarding 64bit clients and with update 2 they have tried to get them fixed. You may download the update 2 from which also describes the changes in update 2.

UAG: Warning, POST without Content-Type not Allowed

While working on a support case recently, i came across this issue wherein we were trying to publish an application and there was a warning message generated in the web monitor logs about "POST without Content-Type not Allowed" while accessing it from a client machine.

The issue was that the request does not contain a Content-Type header, and the method used in the request was POST. According to the configuration of Forefront UAG, POST without a Content-Type header is not allowed by default.

To allow POST requests without a Content-Type header for this application, do the following;

UAG: Publishing VMWare View using Forefront Unified Access Gateway

Supported client OS: Windows XP 32bit and Windows Vista 32bit

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