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UAG & DirectAccess: Some of my applications don’t work on DirectAccess, what should I do?

This is a very common situation which people might face when deploying Microsoft DirectAccess technology. Before going into how to work around this we need to know why the applications which work in internal network would fail to work on DirectAccess connectivity.

Let’s go through few types of applications and the reasons why they might fail to connect

Client/Server Applications

Why Citrix Presentation Server does not work from Mac OS 10 X when published through UAG, but works when published through IAG?

We will discuss various scenarios related to accessing Citrix Presentation Server (Web Interface 3.0/4.0/4.5) and Citrix XenApp (Web Interface 5.0) from Mac OS 10 X machines which are published through UAG and IAG SP2 UP3(In general IAG SP2), but not configuration. For configuration, please follow the steps described at

Details of components used in testing:

nAppliance nUAG and DirectAccess, Better Together !!

nAppliance nUAG remote access appliance platform is a next generation, high-performance application access and security solution which unifies a Web application firewall, SSL VPN, endpoint security to enable secure application access, access control and content inspection for a wide variety of line-of-business applications. Together these technologies provide mobile and remote workers with easy and flexible secure application access from a broad range of devices and locations including both managed and unmanaged PCs, mobile devices and kiosks.

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