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Microsoft Cloud Edge Gateway

Windows Server powered Unified Remote Access and Cloud Connectivity Solution

Microsoft Cloud Edge Gateway (MCE) Series Appliance

  • Turnkey, Windows Server 2012 DirectAccess, WAP, UAG, RDP gateway technologies
  • Secures Access for remote and mobile users, customers and partners
  • Seamless user experience and BYOD application support
  • Secure Connectivity for branches, private and public clouds
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Microsoft Cloud Edge (MCE) Gateway Appliance Series

MCE Appliance Gateway Datasheet

Net-Gateway nUAG Remote Access Gateway Series

Microsoft Windows Unified Access Gateway (nUAG) Pack

Network Remote Access and End-Point Security Platform, build on Microsoft's Forefront Access Security Gateway Technology

Iron Networks nUAG pack - remote access appliance platform is a next generation, high-performance application access and security solution which unifies a Web application firewall, SSL VPN, DirectAccess and endpoint security to enable secure application access, access control and content inspection for a wide variety of line-of-business applications. Together these technologies provide mobile and remote workers with easy and flexible secure application access from a broad range of devices and locations including both managed and unmanaged PCs, mobile devices and kiosks.

Integrating a deep understanding of the application published, the state of health of the devices being used to gain access, and the user's identity - nUAG enforces granular access control and policies to deliver comprehensive remote access, ensure security, and reduce management costs and complexity. It provides value to IT managers, network administrators, and information security professionals who are concerned about the security, remote access connectivity options, performance, scalability, TCO or manageability of their enterprise network.

microsoft forefront UAG appliance

nUAG appliance pack provides Comprehensive, ONE-in-All, secure remote access to corporate resources platform

Powered by Microsoft Forefront UAG 2010 Edition, nUAG helps fill all of corporate-wide remote access needs through centralized management and policy control access across all users, devices, and network resources.

  • Anywhere Access: Forefront Unified Access Gateway makes it easier for organizations to deliver secure remote access to their applications and resources and improve employee and partner productivity, by combining an intelligent access policy engine and consolidating a variety of connectivity options including SSL VPN and Direct Access.
    • Empower employees, partners, and customers to be productive from virtually any device or location through integrated SSL VPN capabilities.
    • Deliver simple and secure access optimized for applications such as SharePoint, Exchange, and Dynamics CRM.
    • Extend networking connectivity with Windows DirectAccess to existing infrastructure and legacy applications.
  • Integrated Security: Forefront Unified Access Gateway improves the security in remote access scenarios by enforcing granular access controls and policies that are tailored to the applications being published, the identity of the user, and the health status of the device being used. UAG further improves security by enabling strong authentication to applications and mitigating the risks of downloaded data from unmanaged devices.
    • Protect IT assets through fine-grained and built-in access policies that provide access to sensitive data based on identity and endpoint health.
    • Easily integrate with Active Directory and enable a variety of strong authentication methods.
    • Limit exposure and prevent data leakage to unmanaged endpoints.
  • Simplified Management: With Forefront Unified Access Gateway, administrators have a single platform through which to deliver and manage remote access. With built in policies and configurations for common applications and devices, administrators gain more control, more efficient management, greater visibility, and lower total cost of ownership.
    • Consolidate remote access infrastructure and management.
    • Simplify deployment and ongoing tasks through wizards and built-in policies.
    • Reduce support costs by delivering a simplified connectivity experience for users.
  • UAG and DirectAccess : DirectAccess technology enables mobile workers connect seamlessly and more securely to their corporate network file share, intranet web sites, and line-of-business application through an internet connection –without the need to VPN. It helps:
    • Extend access to line of business servers with IPv4 support such as Windows 2003 and non-Windows servers.
    • Provide SSL VPN access for down level (Vista/XP) and non-Windows clients as well as PDAs.
    • Enhance scale and management through array management capabilities and integrated load balancing.
    • Deliver a hardened, edge-ready, solution that can swiftly be deployed.

Net-Gateway nUAG - Secure Remote Access Series

Purpose-built Forefront Appliance Platform, Easy to Deploy, Maintain and Recover

Traditionally, enterprise-class remote access products have had a reputation for being difficult to learn, configure and maintain. nUAG Pack is the most complete product in its class. It offers the industry's most advanced feature set with a familiar windows interface. It delivers comprehensive application intelligence and granular access control, intuitive centralized management, and scalability - fully integrated, with turnkey “out of the box” convenience which includes:


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