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Microsoft Cloud Edge Gateway

Windows Server powered Unified Remote Access and Cloud Connectivity Solution

Microsoft Cloud Edge Gateway (MCE) Series Appliance

  • Turnkey, Windows Server 2012 DirectAccess, WAP, UAG, RDP gateway technologies
  • Secures Access for remote and mobile users, customers and partners
  • Seamless user experience and BYOD application support
  • Secure Connectivity for branches, private and public clouds
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Microsoft Cloud Edge (MCE) Gateway Appliance Series

MCE Appliance Gateway Datasheet

Riverbed Steel Head WAN Optimization Pack

WAN optimization solutions that accelerate the transfer of data and applications over your network

Riverbed SteelHead™ CX has a simple, yet critical, mission: Speed the transfer of data and applications over the Internet and wide area networks (WANs). Whether it's in branch offices, datacenters, rugged and virtual environments, or the cloud, the performance and productivity you get is so fast you’ll swear your WAN is behaving like a LAN.

SteelHead CX brings sophisticated WAN optimization to organizations ranging from small businesses to the largest branch offices and datacenters. Riverbed Optimization Software (RiOS®) delivers LAN-like performance across the WAN. SteelHead CX is available in a variety of form factors/models, including virtual software, and cloud instances.

With Riverbed SteelHead CX WAN Optimization VM Pack you get:

  • Industry-leading application and data performance
  • Multiple WAN optimization techniques, including data reduction and application streamlining
  • Support for up to 1 million connections through an intelligent and scale-as-you-grow performance architecture
  • Quality of service (QoS) and path selection features
  • Packet capture, troubleshooting, and application-level visibility
  • Subscription based cloud form factor in Microsoft Azure, AWS and ESX based clouds.
  • Virtual form factor scale upto 1Gbps optimized bandwidth

Accelerate applications while reducing bandwidth consumption

The SteelHead CX series is engineered for seamless network integration into remote sites and datacenters, with scalable performance to support a growing number of users, devices, and data.

This industry-leading solution:

  • Increases application and data transfer performance up to 100x
  • Reduces bandwidth utilization by up to 95%, thus deferring costly network bandwidth upgrades
  • Increases throughput and the number of connections in a single box by up to 50%
  • Accelerates both replication and backup from the branch — or between datacenters — by 10x or more
  • Eliminates the need for additional bandwidth or longer backup windows
  • Delivers application acceleration in nearly any cloud
  • Simplifies virtual deployments upto 1Gbps scale

SteelHead™ CX Features

  • Multi-tiered optimization
    • Includes the Riverbed® Optimization System (RiOS®), which delivers LAN-like performance across the WAN
    • Accelerates all TCP applications to increase performance up to 100x
    • Combines data reduction, as well as TCP, UDP, and application-level protocol optimization across the WAN for an unparalleled multi-tiered optimization strategy
  • Support for large-scale deployments
    • Supports up to one million connections through an intelligent and scale-as-you-grow performance architecture
    • Improves ROI with up to 50% more connections and throughput from a single appliance
  • Faster, more cost-effective disaster recovery
    • Accelerates both replication and backup from the branch — or between data centers — by 10x or more
    • Eliminates the need for additional bandwidth or longer backup windows
  • Industry-leading performance
    • Features the highest-capacity all SSD-based WAN optimization controller
    • Includes a full range of SSD-based appliances ideal for large branch offices and data centers
  • Built-in visibility and packet capture
    • Turns on the embedded Cascade® Shark to
 gather packet and flow data from the branch — with no additional instrumentation required
    • Provides remote-site troubleshooting and application-level visibility without affecting core WAN optimization — at no additional cost

Technical Specifications

Need help choosing the SteelHead product that’s right for your organization?
Learn more about the technical characteristics and requirements of each model in the SteelHead Specs sheets.

SteelHead Family Spec Sheet
SteelHead Family Brochure



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