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Microsoft Cloud Edge Gateway

Windows Server powered Unified Remote Access and Cloud Connectivity Solution

Microsoft Cloud Edge Gateway (MCE) Series Appliance

  • Turnkey, Windows Server 2012 DirectAccess, WAP, UAG, RDP gateway technologies
  • Secures Access for remote and mobile users, customers and partners
  • Seamless user experience and BYOD application support
  • Secure Connectivity for branches, private and public clouds
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Microsoft Cloud Edge (MCE) Gateway Appliance Series

MCE Appliance Gateway Datasheet

Download PDF Overview DirectAccess PopUp Pilot Program

  • Up to 40 hours of services with pre-packaged deliverables done by DirectAccess experts
  • 1 POC appliance purpose-built and performance-tuned for DirectAccess
  • A proven methodology to ensure the maximum chances of success for the pilot
DirectAccess PopUp Pilot Program

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