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Integrated Corporate and Branch Office Security Platform

Net-Gateway nTMGE Enterprise Series

  • Security Gateway for Small, Medium and Large Enterprise Networks
  • Application Firewall, IPS, VPN, Web Proxy, Publishing and Caching
  • URL Filtering, Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware protection and Email Security
  • Connect and Secure Branch Office Network Infrastructure
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Edge Security - Compare Microsoft Forefront TMG Editions

Compare nTMG, nTMGE and nTMGB SERIES

Review and Compare the different editions of Microsoft Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010

TMG 2010 provides robust, effective, and easy-to-use integrated security. Three versions are available: TMG Server 2010 Standard Edition (nTMG Series), TMG Server 2010 Enterprise Edition (nTMGE Series) and TMG Server 2010 Branch Office Edition (nTMGB Series).

The Following table compares and contrasts the key features of three editions.

  Business Standalone Corporate Datacenter Corporate Branch Office
Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 TMG Standard Edition TMG Enterprise Edition TMG Branch-Office Edition
Deployment Type:      
Business Type SMB Enterprise Branch Office
Iron Networks Net-Gateway Platform Series nTMG Series nTMGE Series nTMGB Series
Supported deployment scenarios Standalone Server in a standalone array or an array managed by EMS* Server in a standalone array or an array managed by  EMS*
High Availability:      
NLB Arrays for Load Balancing & Failover No
Scale Out: Number of Supported TMG Server in Array 1 Unlimited 2
Non-domain joined gateway 
ISP Link redundancy 
Unified Threat Management Functionalities:      
Firewall - Stateful
Firewall - Application Layer      
Network IPS (NIS)
VPN (site-to-site and remote access) 
Web Proxy
Web Publishing
HTTPS inspection 
Caching , Cache Compression
NLB Arrays for CARP Support    
Web Anti-Malware Protection**
E-mail Protection***
Configuration Storage Server (CSS)      
Local Management of Firewall Policies and Config Settings
Remote Management of Firewall Policies and Config Settings    
Enterprise Management: EMS for Centralized Management      
Management of Enterprise (nTMGE) Edition Gateways    
Management of Branch (nTMGB)  Edition Gateways*    
Management of Branch  Standard (nTMG) Edition Gateway*    
Type of Microsoft Forefront TMG Editions Standard Enterprise (Datacenter) Branch Office
Scale Up: Processor Support Up to 4 CPU's Unlimited Up to 4 CPU's

* Requires at least one Enterprise Edition nTMGE appliance license, EMS: Enterprise Management Server
** Requires subscription;
*** Requires Exchange License


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