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Business-Ready Security Solution Overview

The Iron Networks mISA 2200S is an integrated edge gateway security appliance based on an embedded version of Microsoft Forefront Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 — Standard Edition. It delivers comprehensive, multi-layered defense against threats to networks and Microsoft applications, content acceleration, intuitive management, and scalability - fully integrated, with turnkey “out of the box” convenience which includes

Unified Gateway Security Solution: One platform which fits all business security needs. Purpose-built, robust, multi-purpose standalone security and content caching solution for small offices to large enterprise deployments, provides single sign-on and seamless Active Directory Service Integration. Support large number of 3rd party ISV add-on security software modules.

Secure Web Application Publishing Solution: Securely publish Exchange, OWA, SharePoint or any web application for remote access. Securely extend access to partners, customers, consultants and remote employees to applications, documents, and data from any PC or device from outside the corporate network.

Anywhere VPN Remote Access Solution: Securely extend access to partners, customers, consultants and remote employees to applications, documents, and data from any PC or device from outside the corporate network.

Site-to-Site VPN Connectivity Solution: Easy corporate network expansion, integrate departments and regional offices of all sizes at multiple locations.

Web Content Filtering Solution: Employee web access control and protection.

Iron Networks Platform Highlights

The Iron Networks mISA 2200S is ideal for Large Size Business deployments; it’s a purpose-built, 1U rack-optimized and most competitive security solutions appliance platform in its class. It provides:

  • Powered by Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor, its unique architecture offers high performance multi-core Processing, a large 8MB high-speed cache, multi-lane PCIe bandwidth, virtualization, deep packet acceleration with lowest packet latency, highest system throughput and unfaltering scalability to support large number of processor intensive integrated security applications workload.
  • Ease of installation and configuration flexibility, the appliance provides six Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 ports and can be deployed in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Built-in SSL/IPSec Crypto Offload Accelerator offers highest application performance and network throughput.
  • Ease of System Administration thru LCD Manager and FFRS, a Flash based Field Restore System and Image automation tool. Front-panel Graphical LCD interface helps ease appliance setup and system status checkups. FFRS enables system image backup, restore and “Bare-Metal” recovery. Backup any number of system image to local disk partition, removable media or a network target, such images than can be used for a quick restore to “last good known state”. Bare-Metal appliance recovery support, restore a “factory-default” image from a secondary hard disk partition or a Recovery DVD media.
  • Enterprise grade non-stop system availability thru superior thermal design, component-level redundancy and built-in remote lights-out appliance system hardware manageability. Hardware based SAS RAID controller technology and high performance dual SAS disk drive mirroring configuration allows uninterrupted system operations in case of a single disk drive failure, redundant hot-swap disk drives offers no downtime while RAID array is being rebuild on replacement drive. Dual redundant hot-swap power supply modules and dual power source protect against component or power loss. Offering dual power source inlets and redundant fans makes it an ideal choice for most mission-critical applications. Industry standard IPMI based Out-Of-Band, lights-out manageability for BIOS-level remote system access; IPMI operates independent of the operating system, when sending commands to the appliance hardware over IP network, it provides administrators remote access with the ability to monitor, manage, receive alerts, diagnose and recover appliance systems, even if the operating system has hung or the system is powered down.
  • Extensible support for optional 3rd-party ISV applications. Optional modules are pre-tested and pre-packaged for a true multi-functional security solution experience, easy one click field install, maintenance and help Future-proof your network with functionalities such as bandwidth management, web content filtering, spam filtering, anti-phishing, anti-virus, IM filtering, End Point NAC Security, VoIP, and Terminal Printing.

Solution Key-Features

  • Enhanced “Integrated Edge Security” gateway architecture, supports industry standards and seamless integration into Microsoft centric infrastructures and offers centralized policy based access control tied to Active Directory
  • Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Standard and Hardened Windows Server 2003
  • Application-Layer Firewall Support
  • VPN Client Support
  • Branch Office Site-Site Connectivity
  • Secure Web Application Publishing
  • Web Cache and Bandwidth Optimization for accelerated content delivery
  • Easy Windows MMC based Manageability
  • Bandwidth Management (QoS) thru FairShare
  • Centralized Appliance System Management thru Iron Networks ONEfaceâ„¢ Web Manager
  • LCD based Appliance Configuration thru Iron Networks LCD Manager
  • Field Backup, Restore and “Bare-Metal” Recovery thru Iron Networks FFRSâ„¢ System
  • “Best of Breed” support for leading 3rd party security software applications options from Websense, McAfee, Kaspersky, Secure Computing, RSA, Winfrasoft, Burstek, GFI, Collective Software and Avira.
  • Superior Future-Proof Product built on Microsoft Edge Forefront Technology.
  • Support option includes Advance Hardware Replacement and Multiple Levels of Help Desk Support.
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Appliance Performance

Deployment Type: Large Size Business
Recommended Corporate PCs: 3,000
Recommended Corporate web Users: 15,000
Firewall Throughput (Mbps): 2400
HTTP Throughput (Mbps): 200
VPN Throughput (Mbps): 200
SSL/IPSec Accelerator Rating (TPS): 17,000 (max)
SSL/IPSec Rating Accelerator (Throughput): 2.5Gbps (max)
TMG Optimized: Yes

Hardware Specifications

LAN Ports (PCIe): 6-GbE
CPU: 1x Intel Xeon Quad Core
CPU Processing Cores: 4 w/8MB Cache
System Memory: 8 GB DDR2 ECC (earlier models w/4GB)
SSL/IPSec Hardware Acceleration: Yes
Hard Disks: 2 x 300 GB, SAS, 15K, Hotswap (earlier model w/73GB)
Hard Disk Redundancy: Yes, RAID-1 Mirroring
Flash Disk (Recovery OS): Yes
LCD Interface w/6-Keypad: Yes, Graphical
Remote (Out of Band) Appliance HW Management: Yes
Power Supply: Dual 450. 100-240 AC Auto Sensing
Power Redundancy: Yes, Hotswap
IO Ports (USB / RS232 / VGA): 2 / 1 / 1
Form Factor: 1U, 4-Post Rack (rails incl)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.75 x 17 x 25 (inch)

Iron Networks Integrated Appliance "Turnkey" Solutions

Network Edge Security is a critical business function. Trust Iron Networks to deliver reliable and comprehensive solutions. Iron Networks is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer. The Iron Networks Net-Gateway mISA appliances are engineered and manufactured to exacting quality specifications. The mISA product line is one of a family of integrated network security and application acceleration appliances.

** (09/21/2009), TMG Enhanced platforms includes additional RAM and larger size hard disks. Models 2100 and above, requires TMG upgrade w/Windows 2008R2 support to utilize memory size larger than 4GB.


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