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UAG Server

Microsoft Forefront UAG Update 2 available for download

Microsoft announced the release of Update 2. It seems that Microsoft has finally admitted that there were few limitations in the product regarding 64bit clients and with update 2 they have tried to get them fixed. You may download the update 2 from which also describes the changes in update 2.

UAG: Warning, POST without Content-Type not Allowed

While working on a support case recently, i came across this issue wherein we were trying to publish an application and there was a warning message generated in the web monitor logs about "POST without Content-Type not Allowed" while accessing it from a client machine.

The issue was that the request does not contain a Content-Type header, and the method used in the request was POST. According to the configuration of Forefront UAG, POST without a Content-Type header is not allowed by default.

To allow POST requests without a Content-Type header for this application, do the following;

UAG: Publishing VMWare View using Forefront Unified Access Gateway

Supported client OS: Windows XP 32bit and Windows Vista 32bit

Why Citrix Presentation Server does not work from Mac OS 10 X when published through UAG, but works when published through IAG?

We will discuss various scenarios related to accessing Citrix Presentation Server (Web Interface 3.0/4.0/4.5) and Citrix XenApp (Web Interface 5.0) from Mac OS 10 X machines which are published through UAG and IAG SP2 UP3(In general IAG SP2), but not configuration. For configuration, please follow the steps described at

Details of components used in testing:

Unable to access RemoteDesktop and RemoteApp from Windows XP SP3 machine even after applying UAG UP1

By default, computers running Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems cannot access RemoteApps and Remote Desktops published through Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) 2010. However, by applying Update 1 for Microsoft UAG you can access these applications from Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 and Windows Vista with Service Pack 2. What we found out from our initial research was that even with UP1 Windows XP SP3 machines will not be able to access these applications.

UAG: MS Firewall does not start and stays in "starting" state in nUAG Appliance

On few occassions you may encounter an issue wherein the nUAG appliance when started and joined to the domain for the first time will take long time to start and when it starts the MS Firewall service stays in "starting" state. This problem occurs mostly when user has not followed the quick start guide properly and continued with the steps one after the other. Two ways to resolve it;

#1 If you have already configured the nUAG appliance and now the MS Firewall service is not starting. 

Microsoft UAG Server 2010: Making “Sign Out" link visible in SharePoint Portal

When publishing SharePoint portal through the Microsoft UAG Server it removes the default “Sign Out” link on the SharePoint portal which is otherwise visible when accessing internally (Corporate network without going through UAG). Some people do think this as an issue but really this isn’t an issue rather a feature of UAG. UAG Portal has a “log Off” button which when used logs the user off from the main UAG portal and terminates all connections from UAG to the internal servers.

Microsoft UAG Error: "URL /Filesharing/ contains an illegal path"

It seems to be a bug in UAG when you try to publish File Access and Remote Desktop Services on the same server. When you add applications in UAG and you add RDS before File Access you will see the following warning in the Web Logs of UAG. Also, when you try to access the File Access in portal from a client machine then you will see an error " URL /Filesharing/ contains an illegal path ".

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